What are Virgin Media offers?

If you have recently joined Virgin Media or Virgin Mobile, you may have been entitled to a offer as part of your chosen package. These offer can include shopping vouchers, wine, gadgets, or devices.

What Virgin Media offers are available?

At Virgin Media, we offer certain deals and packages that give you a gift when you purchase certain products or services from us. Depending on what sort of deal you purchased, you may be eligible to receive either a hardware gift, a wine gift, or a gift voucher.

How to claim your Virgin Media offer

If you are receiving a Virgin Media gift of wine or hardware, your gift will be despatched to you once the set-up of your Virgin Media services is complete. If your Virgin Media package includes a voucher gift, you can expect to receive an email with an activation code to redeem your voucher online.

Virgin Media offer FAQs

What are Virgin Mobile’s offers?

When you purchase a mobile phone package from us, you may be eligible to claim a gift from the manufacturer, or depending on the offer the item will be bundled with your device from Virgin Mobile.

How to claim your Virgin Mobile offer

If your offer comes with the device directly from virgin mobile, the bundled item will be packaged with the device and you won’t have to take any further action. If your offer is a redemption through the manufacturer you will have to claim directly from them.

Virgin Mobile Offer FAQs

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