Annual price change from April 2024

Each year we adjust the monthly subscription prices our customers pay for Virgin Media broadband, TV and home phone, so we can continue to invest in our network and services.

What this means for you

We know that price changes are never welcome, but like many other businesses we’re seeing increased costs while investing to keep up with growing demand.

We adjust our prices based on the UK government’s Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation. RPI measures the rate of inflation by assessing the average change from one year to the next in the prices of a representative sample of goods and services purchased by typical UK households.

Changes from April 2024

Virgin Media customers will see some changes from 2024. We’re letting you know now so you can plan ahead and be prepared. Here are the main points:

  • Unless we’ve told you otherwise, your Virgin Media agreement states that the monthly subscription charges for your main services and any add-ons you might’ve chosen (apart from a few exceptions) will increase every April. This starts from April 2024

  • The amount the monthly subscription charges will increase by will be the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation plus an additional 3.9%. This increase will apply to the monthly subscription price you’re paying at that time and to the monthly price payable after the expiry of any applicable offer or discount

  • If RPI is 0% or less, your price will increase by 3.9%

  • We’ll publish the relevant RPI rate on our website as soon as it’s available.

  • As this annual price adjustment is stated in your terms and conditions, you won’t be given a right to cancel your agreement during your minimum period without incurring an early disconnection fee.

Are there any exceptions?

The annual price adjustment doesn’t apply to:

  • any additional admin charges (e.g. paper billing) or out-of-allowance charges (e.g. non-inclusive call charges)

  • a small number of packages that are exceptions

If the annual price adjustment doesn’t apply to any of your services, we’ll confirm this in your contract forms. Exceptions include (but aren’t limited to) Essential broadband, Essential broadband plus, and Talk Protected plans. If you have one of these packages, the annual price adjustment will still apply to any add-ons you choose to get on top of those services (apart from a few specified exceptions).