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How do I sign into My Virgin Media app?

To sign in and start using the My Virgin Media app features, you’ll need your My Virgin Media username and password.

If you’ve not registered yet, first of all grab your account number and area reference number. You can find these on the monthly bill we send you by email or if you receive a paper bill, you’ll find them there too.


When you’ve found them just click Register for My Virgin Media and follow the on-screen instructions. If your account number is less than 9 digits, add a 0 in front when registering. Do the same for your area code if it's 1 digit.


If you've already registered and can’t remember your My Virgin Media username or password just:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Sign In
  3. Select the Forgotten your username or Forgotten your password link
  4. Follow the online instructions to reset your username or password

When you’re ready, just open the My Virgin Media app on your iPhone or Android handset and when prompted, type in your my Virgin Media username and password to sign in and explore the key features of the app. Once you've entered your details you'll stay signed in to the app for 90 days.


Setting additional sign in security

The first time you sign in to the My Virgin Media app, we'll prompt you to set up additional security to protect your account and make it easier to sign in to the app.

Depending on your device you will be able to set sign in security using:

  • PIN - available on all devices
  • Fingerprint - available on Android devices with a fingerprint reader and iOS devices with Touch ID
  • Face ID - available on the iPhone X. Android devices using face biometric security aren't current supported

To set additional sign in security, follow the on screen prompts, or go to the Menu > Security settings.

Don't worry, if you forget your PIN or have any problems with using your Fingerprint or Face ID, you'll still be able to sign into the app using your My Virgin Media username and password.

Just so you’re aware, you’ll still need to enter your My Virgin Media username and password every 90 days so that we can verify your account.

Now you've signed in see Managing your bills with the My Virgin Media app to get started with the app.


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