How to reboot a Virgin Media TV box

Rebooting or restarting the Virgin TV box, which is turning it off and on again, usually sorts out most TV box issues. It gives the TV box chance to reconnect to our network, so it’s always worth trying if it’s not working as well as usual.

TV box reboot steps

Follow these steps to reboot a Virgin TV box:

  1. Turn the TV box’s power off at the wall socket

  2. Check that all the cables connect firmly into the TV box and your TV

  3. Make sure the power button on the TV box is switched to ‘1’ or ‘on’

  4. If the TV box feels hot, let it cool down completely, and remove anything that’s placed on top of the box or covering the vents

  5. Finally, turn the power on at the wall socket and let the TV box start up, which could take up to 10 minutes

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