Help with Virgin TV 360

Virgin TV 360 is our best TV viewing experience yet. You can watch and stream wherever you're connected, get tailored recommendations with personalised profiles, use voice search to find your favourite TV shows and much more.

What is Virgin TV 360?

Offering the very best entertainment, Virgin TV 360 boasts all the top TV channels and streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer, all with 4K Ultra-High Definition and HDR viewing capabilities. There’s a new Mini box, new remote with voice control and smart new features.

Now when you first join, you get TV 360 in your TV and broadband bundle. Or you could upgrade your TiVo or V6 to enjoy all this and more:

Our accessibility support and services

Head over to our accessibility support and services page under the service and support section to find out more about the features you can enable on TV 360.

Personalised Profiles with Virgin TV 360 box

Apps available on Virgin TV 360 box

YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and subscription apps – sign in to your Netflix and Amazon Prime Video accounts on your telly. Fastest way to open these? Hold down the microphone button on the 360 remote and say the app’s name. Or just tap** Home** and select APPS. For help streaming and setting up parental controls, see our TV app how-to guide.

Setting up Virgin TV 360

Upgrading V6 boxes to 360

Sort the first V6 box yourself > Let the 2nd V6 box upgrade itself > Install any Virgin TV 360 Mini box

1.. Turn on all V6 boxes: take your current TV boxes off standby and check they’re connected to the internet, ready to download TV 360.
2. Pop the telly on: check its set to the correct Input and Virgin TV’s playing.
3. Grab its old V6 remote control: tap the Home button, select Apps & Games > Upgrade To Virgin TV 360 Now > OK.
4. Follow the instructions on your telly: when you see it’s ‘Time to make the big switch’, remove the red tab from just one new 360 remote (doesn’t matter which).

**Nothing happening? **
Try pressing OK on the new 360 remote. Or grab the V6 remote again, press the red button and enter 847446 (the verification code) to start the upgrade.

If the new remote doesn’t work when the upgrade’s finished (it should), try pointing it at the TV box: hold down the TV and 0 buttons together for 10 seconds (may take a few tries). Remember to use the 2nd 360 remote for the 2nd TV box, when it’s upgraded itself.

Downloadable instructions:
How to do a Virgin TV 360 software upgrade and install Mini boxes

How-to video:
Watch now

Upgrading from TiVo to TV 360 boxes

Replace each TiVo box with a 360 Mini box > Return old boxes using pre-paid labels and packaging provided.

Downloadable instructions:
How to upgrade a TiVo box to 360 and install Mini boxes

How-to video:
Watch now

How to set up 360 remotes to control your sound bar or amp

  1. Tap Home on the remote.
  2. Select Settings > Audio & Visual > Pair Remote With Devices.
  3. Follow the instructions on your telly – the remote now control the volume of your amp or sound bar.

How to use Virgin TV 360

How to use Voice Search & Control Virgin TV 360

Just say what you want to watch into the Virgin 360 remote. Or give these commands a try:

How to use Virgin TV 360 remote control

Using Virgin TV 360 to record up to 6 shows at the same time

To record your show on a main or mini Virgin TV 360 box:

  1. Tap Home on the remote.
  2. Find your channel (only the HD ones can record in high definition).
  3. Select your show, and press Record (red dot button).
  4. Choose to record the series (all new shows from now on ) or the episode , then press OK.
  5. Remember, Mini boxes can only schedule recordings when the main 360 box is switched on (as they don’t have hard drives).

Afterwards, you can tap Home, go to Saved, then:

  • Check your recording’s scheduled (Saved > Recordings > See All).
  • Change your Series Link (Saved > Recorded > See All, then the pencil next to the show).

For more advice, please see How to record.

  • Hold down the microphone button and say ‘Record’
  • Or tap Record (red dot button)…

Or you can also use your mini guide:

  1. Tap OK on the remote.
  2. Find your channel and press Record (red dot button).
  3. Select your preferences, then OK.

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