Changes to your Pay As You Go service

On 10th April, the price of data outside your inclusive allowance is changing. It’s going up from £1 a day for 100MB to £2 a day for 200MB (within the UK and on days that you use mobile data), so we can keep bringing you the best mobile experience.

So if you go over your data allowance, you’ll be charged £2 and have 200MB data to use that day. If you use more than 200MB on the same day, you’ll be charged another £2. You’ll be charged each day you use data, until your next refresh date.

If you’d like to cancel your Pay As You Go service because of this change, you can without a charge – and we’ll refund any remaining credit you have. Just call 789 from your Virgin Mobile phone.

New Pay As You Go Bundles

You could get more value and manage your monthly spend with one of our new Pay As You Go bundles. The bundles last 30 days and renew automatically every month, if there’s enough credit on your account. If you’ve already setup your online account or if you bought your mobile online from us, then you can buy a bundle straight away. If you’ve not setup your online account with us, you’ll need to do this in order to buy a bundle. Just go to Your Account click register now then follow the quick steps.

UK Minutes* - 50

UK Texts* - 500

UK Data* - 100MB

UK Minutes* - 100

UK Texts* - 1000

UK Data* - 250MB

UK Minutes* - 250

UK Texts* - 3000

UK Data* - 500MB

UK Minutes* - 500

UK Texts* - 2000

UK Data* - 2GB

UK Minutes* - 500

UK Texts* - 3000

UK Data* - 3GB

There are two quick and easy ways to buy a bundle:

Text “Buy BUNDLE” and the price of the one you’d like to 789789 (e.g.“Buy BUNDLE £5”). Call 789 and select option 3. You can opt out of your bundle at any time by texting “Cancel BUNDLE £5” to 789789.

Terms and Conditions

*Inclusive minutes to UK geographic landline numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03, Virgin Mobiles and other UK mobile numbers only. Excludes calls to Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man and calls to service numbers, indirect access, dial-up internet, 0845, 0870, other non-geographic numbers, 070 Personal Numbering, and 076 Paging charge-bands. Standard charges apply outside of inclusive minutes, texts and data allowances – for call charges see Tariff Table. Texts are to UK mobiles only. Inclusive UK data only.

PAYG Bundles: Purchase requires pre-registration of PAYG account here and sufficient credit available on account. Once provisioned, we will notify you by text. Bundle price will be deducted from your airtime balance on first purchase and each renewal date. If we are unable to collect payment, your Bundle will not be provisioned. Bundle automatically renews on the same date each subsequent month. Lasts for one month. You can cancel your bundle for the following month as long as you notify us at least 48 hours before the renewal date. Unused elements will not roll over to subsequent months. Only one Bundle per Virgin Media number. If you or mobile number are suspended or disconnected, there is no refund of any unused elements. Statutory rights not affected. Bundle does not count towards upgrade credit. Virgin Media Pay As You Go and Pay by Direct Debit terms and conditions of service also apply – see