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What services can I get?

Multi-room streaming channels

Below are the channels available for multi-room streaming

Channel name


&TV International
4Music Music
4Seven Entertainment
5 USA Entertainment
5 USA +1 Entertainment
5STAR Entertainment
5STAR +1 Entertainment
Absolute 80s Radio
Absolute Classic Rock Radio
Absolute Radio Radio
Adult Channel Adult
Al Jazeera Arabic International
Al Jazeera English News
alibi Entertainment
alibi +1 Entertainment
alibi HD Entertainment
Animal Planet Factual
Animal Planet +1 Factual
Animal Planet HD Factual
ARY Digital International
ARY News UK International
B4U Movies International
B4U Music International
Babenation Adult
Baby TV Kids
Bay TV Swansea Entertainment
BBC ALBA Entertainment
BBC Asian Network Radio
BBC FOUR Entertainment
BBC FOUR HD Entertainment
BBC Olympics 1 HD Sport
BBC Olympics 2 Sport
BBC Olympics 2 HD Sport
BBC Olympics 3 Sport
BBC Olympics 3 HD Sport
BBC Olympics 4 Sport
BBC Olympics 4 HD Sport
BBC Olympics 5 Sport
BBC Olympics 5 HD Sport
BBC Olympics 6 Sport
BBC Olympics 6 HD Sport
BBC Olympics 7 Sport
BBC Olympics 7 HD Sport
BBC Olympics 8 Sport
BBC Olympics 8 HD Sport
BBC ONE Entertainment
BBC ONE Entertainment
BBC ONE AD Entertainment
BBC ONE HD Entertainment
BBC Parliament News
BBC Radio 1 Radio
BBC Radio 1 Xtra Radio
BBC Radio 2 Radio
BBC Radio 3 Radio
BBC Radio 4 Extra Radio
BBC Radio 4 FM Radio
BBC Radio 4 LW Radio
BBC Radio 5 live Radio
BBC Radio 5 Sports Ex Radio
BBC Radio 6 Music Radio
BBC Radio Cymru Radio
BBC Radio Foyle Radio
BBC Radio London Radio
BBC Radio nan Gaidhea Radio
BBC Radio Scotland Radio
BBC Radio Ulster Radio
BBC Radio Wales Radio
BBC Red Button 1 Entertainment
BBC TWO Entertainment
BBC TWO AD Entertainment
BBC TWO HD Entertainment
BBC World Service Radio
BET Entertainment
Bike Sport
Bloomberg News
Boomerang Kids
Boomerang +1 Kids
Box Hits Music
Box Nation Sport
Box Upfront Music
BT Sport 1 Sport
BT Sport 1 HD Sport
BT Sport 2 Sport
BT Sport 2 HD Sport
BT Sport 3 Sport
BT Sport 3 HD Sport
BT Sport ESPN Sport
BT Sport ESPN HD Sport
BT Sport Show Sport
Cambridge TV Entertainment
Capital Radio
CapitalXTRA Radio
Cartoon Network Kids
Cartoon Network +1 Kids
Cartoon Network HD Kids
Cartoonito Kids
CBBC Channel Kids
CBeebies Kids
CBeebies HD Kids
CBS Action Entertainment
CBS Drama Entertainment
CBS Reality Entertainment
CBS Reality +1 Entertainment
Challenge Entertainment
Challenge +1 Entertainment
Channel 4 Entertainment
Channel 4 +1 Entertainment
Channel 4 Audio Desc Entertainment
Channel 4HD Entertainment
Channel 5 Entertainment
Channel 5 Audio Desc Entertainment
Channel 5 HD Entertainment
Channel 5+1 Entertainment
Christmas 24 Movies
Christmas 24+ Movies
Classic FM Radio
CNN International News
COLORS International
Comedy Central Entertainment
Comedy Central +1 Entertainment
Comedy Central Extra Entertainment
Comedy Central HD Entertainment
Create & Craft Shopping
Crime+Inv Factual
Dave Entertainment
Dave HD Entertainment
Dave ja vu Entertainment
Discovery Chan +1 Factual
Discovery Channel Factual
Discovery HD Factual
Discovery History Factual
Discovery History +1 Factual
Discovery Science Factual
Discovery Science +1 Factual
Discovery Shed Lifestyle
Discovery Turbo Factual
Disney Channel Kids
Disney Channel+1 Kids
Disney Junior Kids
Disney XD Kids
Disney XD +1 Kids
DMAX Entertainment
DMAX + 1 Entertainment
Drama Entertainment
E! Entertainment
E4 Entertainment
E4 +1 Entertainment
E4 HD Entertainment
Eden Factual
Eden +1 Factual
Eden HD Factual
Estuary TV Entertainment
euronews News
Eurosport 1 Sport
Eurosport 1HD Sport
Eurosport 2 Sport
Eurosport 2HD Sport
Film4 Movies
Film4 +1 Movies
Film4 HD Movies
Food Network Lifestyle
Forces TV Factual
FOX Entertainment
FOX HD Entertainment
Fox News Channel News
FOX+ Entertainment
FRANCE24 (FRANCAIS) International
Gems TV Shopping
GINX Lifestyle
God Channel Lifestyle
GOLD Entertainment
Gold Radio
GOLD +1 Entertainment
Good Food Lifestyle
Good Food +1 Lifestyle
Good Food HD Lifestyle
H2 Factual
H2 HD Factual
Heart Radio
Heart extra Radio
HISTORY +1 Factual
Home Lifestyle
Home & Health Lifestyle
Home & Health +1 Lifestyle
Home +1 Lifestyle
horror channel Entertainment
horror channel +1 Entertainment
HUM EUROPE International
I.D. Factual
I.D.+1 Factual
Ideal World Shopping
ITV Entertainment
ITV +1 Entertainment
ITV Anglia Entertainment
ITV Audio Desc Entertainment
ITV HD Entertainment
ITV London Entertainment
ITV Meridian Entertainment
ITV Wales HD Entertainment
ITV West Entertainment
ITV Yorkshire Entertainment
ITV2 Entertainment
ITV2 +1 Entertainment
ITV2 HD Entertainment
ITV3 Entertainment
ITV3 +1 Entertainment
ITV3 HD Entertainment
ITV4 Entertainment
ITV4 +1 Entertainment
ITV4 HD Entertainment
ITVBe Entertainment
ITVBe +1 Entertainment
ITVBe HD Entertainment
Jewellery Maker Shopping
Kerrang Music
Kiss Music
Kiss FM Radio
Latest TV Entertainment
LBC Radio
Lifetime Entertainment
Lifetime HD Entertainment
Liverpool FC TV Sport
London Live Entertainment
Made in Birmingham Entertainment
Made in Bristol Entertainment
Made in Cardiff Entertainment
Made in Leeds Entertainment
Made in Liverpool Entertainment
Made in Tyne & Wear Entertainment
Magic Music
Magic Radio Radio
More 4 Entertainment
More 4 +1 Entertainment
More 4 HD Entertainment
Motors TV Sport
Movie Mix Movies
Movies 4 Men Movies
MTV Entertainment
MTV HD Entertainment
MTV Live HD Music
Mustard TV Entertainment
MUTV Sport
My5 Entertainment
Nat Geo HD Factual
Nat Geo WILD Factual
Nat Geo WILD HD Factual
National Geographic Factual
National Geographic+1 Factual
NDTV 24x7 News
NDTV Good Times International
NDTV India International
NDTV Spice International
NHKworldHD News
Nick +1 Kids
Nick HD Kids
Nick Jr Too Kids
Nick Junior Kids
Nickelodeon Kids
Nicktoons Kids
Nollywood Movies International
Northern Visions Entertainment
NOTTS TV Entertainment
PBS America Factual
Pick Entertainment
Planet Rock Radio
Playboy Adult
POP Kids
Premier Sports Sport
Quest Entertainment
Quest +1 Entertainment
QVC Shopping
QVC Beauty Shopping
QVC Style Shopping
Racing UK Sport
Radio X Radio
Real Lives Entertainment
Real Lives+1 Entertainment
Really Lifestyle
Rishtey Europe International
RTE Radio Radio
S4C Entertainment
S4C Audio Desc Entertainment
S4C HD Sport
Sheffield Live TV Entertainment
Sky Action HD Movies
Sky Action&Adventure Movies
Sky Arts Entertainment
Sky Arts HD Entertainment
Sky Christmas Movies
Sky Christmas HD Movies
Sky Comedy Movies
Sky Comedy HD Movies
Sky Disney Movies
Sky Disney HD Movies
Sky Family Movies
Sky Family HD Movies
Sky Greats Movies
Sky Greats HD Movies
Sky Hits Movies
Sky Hits HD Movies
Sky Living Entertainment
Sky Living HD Entertainment
Sky Living+1 Entertainment
Sky News News
Sky News HD News
Sky Premiere Movies
Sky Premiere 1hr Movies
Sky Premiere HD Movies
Sky ScFi Horror Movies
Sky SciFi & Hor HD Movies
Sky Select Movies
Sky Select HD Movies
Sky Sports 1 Sport
Sky Sports 1 HD Sport
Sky Sports 2 Sport
Sky Sports 2HD Sport
Sky Sports 3 Sport
Sky Sports 3HD Sport
Sky Sports 4 Sport
Sky Sports 4 HD Sport
Sky Sports 5 Sport
Sky Sports 5HD Sport
Sky Sports F1 Sport
Sky Sports F1HD Sport
Sky Sports Mix Sport
Sky Sports Mix HD Sport
Sky Sports News HQ Sport
Sky Sports News HQ HD Sport
Sky Thriller Movies
Sky Thriller HD Movies
Sky1 Entertainment
Sky1 HD Entertainment
Sky2 Entertainment
Smooth Radio Radio
Sony Channel Entertainment
SONY MAX International
SONY SAB International
SONY TV Asia International
Spike Entertainment
Star Gold International
Star Life OK International
Star Plus International
STV Entertainment
STV +1 Entertainment
STV Edinburgh Entertainment
STV Glasgow Entertainment
STV HD Entertainment
Syfy Entertainment
Syfy +1 Entertainment
Syfy HD Entertainment
talkSPORT Radio
TCM +1 Movies
TCM HD Movies
Television X Adult
TG4 Entertainment
That's Solent Entertainment
The Box Music
The Community Channel Factual
Tiny Pop Kids
TJC Shopping
TLC Entertainment
TLC HD Entertainment
TLC+1 Entertainment
Travel Channel Lifestyle
True Christmas Movies
True Entertainment Entertainment
truTV Entertainment
Turner Classic Movies Movies
TV5 International
Ulster TV Entertainment
UMP Movies International
Universal Channel Entertainment
Universal Channel +1 Entertainment
Universal Channel HD Entertainment
UTV +1 Entertainment
UTV HD Entertainment
VH1 Music
Vintage TV Music
VIVA Music
W Entertainment
W +1 Entertainment
W HD Entertainment
World Radio Network Radio
YESTERDAY +1 Factual
Zee Cinema International
Zee Punjabi International
Zee TV International
Zing International