Buyer's guide to mobile phones

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Apple is about to launch its SDK (Software Developers Kit) for third-party programmers to create third-party applications for theiPhone and iPod touch. Expect games, customisable weather widgets and a pocket T3 Cool-ometer. Well, maybe, if we learn
how to program first.

Top tips

  1. Onboard mobile memory can be, shall we say, limited. If you want to store loads of tunes or videos on your phone, purchase a model with a memory card slot.
  2. When it comes to picture quality, camera phones can’t match proper shooters. However, the Sony Ericsson K850i and the Samsung G600 snappers are both very good.
  3. To access email on the move, get a phone with push email, eg RIM’s BlackBerry series. Email is forwarded (pushed) to your phone as soon as it arrives on the server.
  4. Increasingly, mobiles let you sync all your contacts with Outlook and its ilk. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work with Mac’s Address Book, so make sure you check compatibility.

#1 Music phone

Sony Ericsson W910i


Performance: Walkman phones are among the best musical blowers around, and this is the best Walkman phone you can get. That means top sound quality, easy tune browsing, and TrackID to – yes – ID tracks.

Love: Sexy look. Sexy software. Sexy sound. Sexy Sadie.

Hate: The flat, mechanised keypad is, erm… less sexy.

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Best of the rest - music phones

Motorola Razr2 V8


Performance: Hello Moto. What’s that? You’ve added a music-controlling touchscreen to your latest flogging of the RAZR horse? Thanks very much; it sounds mighty fine.

Love: Tactile touchscreen. Iconic RAZR shape.

Hate: Although thin, it’s very wide and feels heavy. No 3G.

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Nokia 5700 Xpress


Performance: A meat-andpotatoes mobile that comes pretty close to the Walkman and the RAZR in terms of sound quality, without those phones’ tendency to make you look a big ponce.

Love: Solid all-round performance. MicroSD slot.

Hate: Not the most elegant looker. Lacks extras.

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Camera phones

Sony Ericsson K850i


Performance: Five megs, electronic lens cover and a xenon flash make this the number one cam-phone.

Love: Superb picture quality. Tons of photo effects.

Hate: No optical zoom. Weirdly shrunken buttons.

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LG Viewty


Performance: Streamlined, sexy design, a five meg camera and supreme video recording.

Love: Looks great. Takes fabulous pictures.

Hate: Apart from the camera, this mobile is a touch lacking in most other areas.

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Samsung G600


Performance: How Samsung fits a five-megapixel camera in a 14.5mm-thin frame we’ll never know.

Love: Nifty style. Very good camera.

Hate: Lacks features. No 3G. Poor LED flash.

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Do-it-all phones

Blackberry Pearl 8120


Performance: The Wi-Fi-toting, trackball controlled Pearl puts the web in your pocket.

Love: Push email. Great browser. Wi-Fi. Trackball.

Hate: No 3G. Two-letters-per-key unpleasantness.

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Apple iPhone


Performance: Over-hyped it may be, but the iPhone is undeniably desirable, thanks to the multi-touch interface and 3.5-inch screen.

Love: Amazing touchscreen. Great music player.

Hate: No 3G. Crap camera.

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Nokia N95


Performance: The original super-phone packs a five-meg camera, satnav, HSDPA, and Wi-Fi.

Love: Featires galore. Great camera and screen.

Hate: Utterly feeble battery. A few bugs.

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Nokia E90 Communicator


Performance: Throbs with HSDPA, GPS, Wi-Fi, 352x800 widescreen and a 3.2-meg camera.

Love: Awesome muscle. High-speed connectivity.

Hate: As heavy as some small dogs.

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T-Mobile MDA Vario III


Performance: Using Windows Mobile 6, the Vario III has a large, tilting touchscreen. Nice.

Love: Super-large touchscreen.

Hate: Super-large everything else.

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Sony Ericsson P1i


Performance: The P series gets a makeover with a new, sleek chassis for the suits.

Love: Built-in Wi-Fi. Business card scanner.

Hate: Annoying and fiddly keyboard.

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Palm Treo 500V


Performance: A competent smartie with a fantastic interface, plus Windows Mobile 6.

Love: Great for email. Simple to use.

Hate: No Wi-Fi. It’s quite average.

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