Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle may be the most mysterious geometrical shape known to man - perhaps even more mysterious than the fabled hyperbolic paraboloid. Its many mysteries have been a source of inspiration for film makers, novelists, and TV script writers for years. Here’s the full story… 




Where is it? 

500,000 square miles of ocean between Bermuda, Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Its three main points are Bermuda, Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico. This encompasses 500,000 square miles of ocean. Some believe the Triangle is one of a dozen ‘vile vortices’ - mysterious and deadly regions of the world’s seas.

What is it? 

The Bermuda Triangle, a higher than expected number of disappearances.

According to many, the area has seen a higher than expected number of disappearances of ships and planes. Some put the number of lost lives into four figures. All in all, it’s a spooky, dangerous place.

How did the legend start? 

December 5 1945, compasses fail and five planes never heard of again.

The myth of the triangle first arose after the disappearance of a US Navy bomber squadron.

On December 5 1945, five Avengers flown by experienced student pilots and led by Lieutenant Charles Taylor experienced something unusual... About two hours into the mission, Taylor reported that both his compasses had failed and he was unable to pinpoint his position or that of his base. The five planes and 14 men were never heard of again. Shortly after, a rescue plane sent to look for them exploded in mid-air, killing all crew members.

The disappearances 

The disappearance of USS Cyclops remains the US Navy's biggest non-combat related loss.

Flight 19 wasn’t actually the first mysterious disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle…

The USS Cyclops, a navy cargo vessel, was despatched to Baltimore Maryland from Rio de Janeiro in February 1918. Last sighted on 9 March off the coast of Virginia, the Cyclops was never heard from again and no wreckage has ever been found. It remains the biggest non-combat related loss of life for the US Navy.


A five-masted schooner found abandoned and run aground near North Carolina.

This ship, a five-masted schooner, was found abandoned and run aground at Diamond Shoals near Cape Hatteras, North Carolina on January 31, 1921. The crew had all vanished, never to be seen again. Although the official explanation was an act of piracy, many still believe that the crew was claimed by the infamous Bermuda Triangle. 


Dakota requested landing instructions but never arrived in Miami.

This Dakota took off from San Juan, Puerto Rico for Miami in December 1948. About 50 miles from Miami, the pilot Captain Robert Lindquist radioed the airport to report his position and request landing instructions.

But when the control tower radioed back it received no response, and the plane never arrived. Although the plane’s batteries were low on charge it was not believed to be serious enough to bring it down. The official investigation never discovered a cause for the crash, but we know what it was – the Triangle. 

Never been heard of since… 

The S.S. Marine Sulphur Queen disappeared off Key West.

In 1963 the S.S. Marine Sulphur Queen was sailing for Norfolk, Virginia from Beaumont, Texas. Her last reported position put her off Key West in the Florida Straits (in the dreaded Triangle) and she was never heard from again.

A search of the shark infested waters turned up little more than a handful of life jackets, some of them bearing bite marks. 

Vanished into thin air 

Plane simply disappeared on routine flight to the Bahamas.

It should have been a routine flight from Milwaukee to Grand Turk in the Bahamas on a clear night in 1965. But when the Triangle is involved, nothing is ever routine…

The plane left the Bahamas but disappeared part way to its destination, and when Air traffic controllers tried to reach the plane they got no response. The plane was carrying an experienced maintenance crew and no problems were reported. No crash site was ever found either. The plane simply disappeared. 

Time travel 

Strange cloud caused time travel on route to Miami.

In December 1970, pilot Bruce Gernon was flying with his father to Bimini under perfectly clear skies when they encountered a strangely symmetrical cloud floating over the Florida coastline.

As they approached the cloud changed shape and seemed to spread out to keep pace with them. It then formed a tunnel along which the plane was forced to fly.

Inside, the plane’s navigational instruments went haywire, and when Gernon contacted Miami air traffic control, he was told there were no planes on radar.

Minutes later, the cloud dispersed, revealing that the plane was directly over Miami, half an hour earlier than it should have been able to arrive… 

The lost city of Atlantis 

The location of the lost city of Atlantis?

A popular theory put forward for the mysterious goings-on is that the Bermuda Triangle is the location of the legendary lost city of Atlantis.

According to legend, Atlantis was powered by mysterious crystals - crystals that some believe still rest on the seabed, sending out waves of energy that destroy ships and planes.


Paranormal researchers believe blue holes are wormholes.

Within the Bermuda Triangle are numerous formations of deep, blue coloured water in the midst of islands or within shallows close to shorelines.

Paranormal researchers believe these blue holes are the remains of wormholes, and claim that aliens use these holes to cross the dimensions and travel to Earth. Some now believe these holes may account for the many disappearances in the Triangle...

Methane gas 

Methane gas, a more plausible explanation?

A slightly more plausible explanation has been suggested by scientists at the University of Cardiff. These scientists discovered large pockets of methane gas trapped in the seabed of the Bermuda Triangle.

If one of these gas pockets ruptured and rose suddenly to the surface, the water beneath it would lose its buoyancy. This would mean that any ship trapped in the area would founder without warning and end up buried on the seafloor, just as if it suddenly fell through an open trapdoor.

As feasible as this explanation is, we’re still going with aliens. 

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