Soap's greatest comebacks


There’s nothing we love more than a surprising soap comeback. Whether it’s old Harold Bishop regaining his memory, or Dirty Den sauntering into the Queen Vic, here are several comebacks that left us picking our jaw off the floor. 




Sam Mitchell (EastEnders)

Only on screen for five seconds before the famous drums rolled.

She was only on screen for five seconds before the famous drums rolled, leaving us shocked by the sudden return of Walford's much-missed Mitchell sister. Those EastEnders scriptwriters sure know how to keep us on tenterhooks! 

Paul Robinson (Neighbours) 

Returned in 2005 when he burned down Lassiter's hotel.

Ruthless businessman Paul Robinson fled Australia in 1993 to escape fraud charges. He returned more sinister than ever in 2005 when he burned down Lassiter's hotel. The fiend!

Ricky & Bianca (EastEnders)

Soap power couple.

Rickeyyyy! OK, so the two lovebirds didn't return to Albert Square together, but that didn't make this soap power couple's comeback any less sweet. 

Clare Devine (Hollyoaks) 

Nothing can keep this bad girl down.

After seemingly falling to her death twice, it seems nothing can keep this Hollyoaks bad girl down. Clare last resurfaced, in barking mad fashion, to kill off arch-enemy Warren Fox. Now she's banged up, but we don't imagine we've seen the last of her just yet...

Nick Cotton (EastEnders) 

His plan to do in Dot was foiled yet again.

We've lost count of the times Nasty Nick has returned the Square to kill off his poor old ma. His last homecoming saw the naughty fella blow up a cafe after his plan to do in Dot was foiled yet again. Talk about a strop.

Bet Lynch (Corrie) 

Her comeback was short-lived as she couldn't take the pressure.

Bet returned to the Street in a blaze of glory in 2002 after a seven year absence. Her comeback was short-lived however, as poor Julie Goodyear couldn't take the pressure and had to quit. 

Grant Mitchell (EastEnders) 

Perhaps we'll see him again one day.

Twice Grant has return to Walford in spectacular fashion to set his family back to rights. Sadly neither of his comebacks has been as permanent as we would have liked, but perhaps we'll see him again one day… Oh, Grant, we do love you. 

Harold Bishop (Neighbours) 

Presumed dead for five years, Harry returned with no memory.

After falling into the sea, Harold was presumed dead for five years. But lo and behold, old Harry had survived. With no memory of his old life, Harold built a new one as a Sally Army volunteer and was calling himself Ted. But old pal Helen Daniels spotted him and put him right.

Bobby Ewing (Dallas) 

It had all been a dream!

Bobby Ewing was killed in a 1985 episode of Dallas. He returned to the show after wife Pam woke up one morning to find Bobby stepping out of the shower. It had all been a dream. As had all the episodes in between!

Den Watts (EastEnders) 

His stint on the show was short lived.

Over 17 million people tuned in to watch Dirty Den rise from the dead and scare Sharon with his old catchphrase "Ello Princess". But his stint on the show was short-lived thanks to some lewd off-screen behaviour. Once again he was killed-off. Dear oh dear.

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