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Bryan Adams – 11



Genre: Rock

Score: ★★★

Bryan Adams needs no introduction, being the musical genius behind such hits as Summer of ’69 and Run to You. His new album 11 features 11 songs. But how do they stack up against his classics?




Cover artwork of Bryan Adams' album 11

Adams's over-familiar trademark croak has grown a little long in the tooth.

Bryan Adams' new album is a collection of songs recorded in backstage dressing rooms and hotel bathrooms over the course of a gruelling touring schedule. That’s certainly an original way of recording an album, but not one that predicts great quality, as this poor effort from the once-great rocker attests.

The bare fact is that, if these large-scale, harmonica-tinged, slide-guitar rock tracks had someone else singing on top of them - U2, for example - people wouldn't bat an eyelid, but Adams's over-familiar trademark croak has grown a little long in the tooth nowadays. 11 is a nicely put-together album of mid-tempo rock tracks (with a smattering of "let's make tonight last"-style ballads) but songs like Broken Wings plumb cliché deeper than it has been plumbed for a long time. And, as mentioned, the over-familiar rasp of the delivery makes it a little more irksome.

All in all, while the album is largely inoffensive, it’s good – just not Bryan Adams good. We expected a lot more and that’s largely why we’re so disappointed in the overall product. Better luck next time, Adams.