Celeb body-parts: how much are they worth?


Celebrities are more than just the sum of their parts. But sometimes, those individual parts are such a big part of what makes them them, that they need their very own insurance policies…





Heidi Klum’s legs - £1.15m 

Heidi Klum, £100,000 scar on right leg.

Heidi Klum – aka, The Kluminator - is one of the world’s top-earning models, so it isn’t much of a surprise that she’s insured her legs. But what is surprising is how these legs are valued… Her right one insured for a whole £100,000 more than her left! So what’s the culprit for this leggy mismatch? Simple. A teeny-weeny scar on her right pin. 

David Beckham's legs - £100m

David Beckham, the world's greatest underwear model.

Running around a footy pitch all day carries a high degree of risk, what with all those heavy balls bouncing around, so it’s no surprise that the world’s greatest underwear model has insured his pitch-pounders for a cool £100m. 

America Ferrera’s smile - £5m 

Ugly Betty's 5 million dollar smile.

The brace-wearing star of the hit show Ugly Betty may not be best known for her gnashers, but in real life her pearly whites are something to behold. In fact they’re so glorious that a toothpaste company has insured her smile for a whopping £5 million.

Ken Dodd’s teeth - £4m

Ken Dodd, his teeth are worth an impressive £4m.

It’s hard to believe that Ken Dodd once rivalled The Beatles in terms of fame, but his gurning mug was once known throughout the land. We don’t imagine there were quite as many posters of his face on quite as many teenage girls’ walls, but even so, those big glorious teeth of his are still worth an impressive £4m. Not bad Doddy!

J Lo - $27m

J Lo has a booty worth $27million.

Pirates aren’t the only ones who invest a considerable fortune in their booty. Jennifer’s derriere is worth millions – 27 million, to be exact. But to be quite honest, we’re surprised that it isn’t worth more. 

Egon Ronay - £250K 

Egon Ronay with £250,000 taste buds.

His name might sound like an amalgamation of two of the Ghostbusters’, but gourmand extraordinaire Egon Ronay has insured his taste buds for £250,000. With taste buds that expensive, he should get a place on the Great British Bake Off, and really give those contestants a lickin’. 

Betty Grable’s legs - $1m 

Betty Grable, the girl with million dollar legs.

World War Two’s number one pin-up had her legs insured for $1 million apiece at Lloyds of London. It was good publicity too, as she soon became known as the girl with million dollar legs. 

Bruce Springsteen’s voice - £3.5m 

Bruce Springsteen, $3.5m voice that can serenade angels.

Bruce Springsteen – aka, The Boss – has a voice that can serenade the angels themselves. And if you disagree, tell that to his 20 Grammy Awards and two Golden Globes! With such a heavenly singing voice it’s no surprise that The Boss has banged down three and a half million on his voice. If we were him, we’d do the same. 

Merv Hughes’ moustache £200K 

Merv's extravagant walrus handlebar moustache is insured for £200,000.

Merv Hughes, the Australian cricketer, may not be as famous in Britain as in his native country, but one look at that marvellous moustache and you’ll soon appreciate his desire to keep it firmly fixed to his top lip. Merv’s extravagant walrus handlebar has been insured for £200,000 – that’s enough to buy a three bedroom semi on the outskirts of Birmingham, or one million chocolate Freddos. 

Dolly Parton’s breasts - £350K 

Dolly Parton, known for two big things - her music and her theme park.

Country music sensation Dolly Parton is known for two big things – her music, and her theme park, Dollywood. But aside from these two considerable points of interest, the good lady of country is also known for being in possession of a rather ample bosom. In fact it’s so ample, that her ‘little Dollies’ are practically famous in their own right, receiving mention in songs by Eminem, MacLean & MacLean, Drake, and Bobby Braddock.

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