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Double Dragon

Classic arcade games



Remember when we used to spend whole weekends in an arcade, slowly feeding coins into a slot in the pursuit of a high score? We certainly do. And we can’t help but get all nostalgic when thinking of the original Mortal Kombat cabinet. Those were the days! In celebration, here are 10 of our favourite classic arcade games. Get your coin purse out, it’s time to arcade!



Chase H.Q. (1988)

Chase H.Q.

A new spin on the racing game.

This hit from the late 80s provided a new spin on the usual racing game. Ramming into the back of criminals' cars in high speed pursuits had never been so much fun!

Double Dragon (1987)

Double Dragon

Beat up those villains with a friend.

This instant classic was the first to feature two player co-operative gameplay, meaning you could share all the fun of beating up those villains with a friend. It was such a successful game that a live-action movie version was released in 1994.

Track & Field (1983)

Track & Field

The follow up was even more fun.

We get all misty-eyed with this one… Must be all those childhood memories of bashing the hell out of buttons to make our athlete run as fast as possible! The follow-up, Hyper Sports, featured archery, weight lifting and skeet shooting, and was even more fun.

Gauntlet (1985)


"Wizard needs food badly!"

This groundbreaking hack and slash game could allow up to four of you to play simultaneously. We fondly remember the narrator's voice and his random exclamations, such as "Wizard needs food badly!" and "Elf shot the food!".

Spy Hunter (1983)

Spy Hunter

Machine gun-armed sportscars.

With its Peter Gunn theme tune and machine gun-armed sportscars, this vertical scroller was a massive arcade favourite. Pedal (or button) to the metal.

Punch-Out!! (1984)


The game used two monitors.

We loved this highly popular boxing game from Nintendo for its cartoon-style challengers and memorable digitised speech. The game was unusual for using two monitors - the top one for all the statistics and the bottom for gameplay. 

Sega Rally Championship (1995)

Sega Rally Championship

A race gaming experience that got us hooked.

With its variety of road surfaces and crazy handling, Sega Rally provided a new race gaming experience that got us hooked. We love it most for its "Game Over - YEAHHH!" moment sung by Sega composer Takenobu Mitsuyoshi.

Street Fighter II (1991)

Street Fighter II

The character selection was unprecedented for the early 90s.

One of the very best arcade games of all time set the benchmark for fighting games in the future. The big selection of characters, as well as the wide array of attacks, blocks and special moves, was unprecedented in the early 90s. Just don’t ask us about its predecessor… 

After Burner (1987)

After Burner

The fight to bring down waves of enemy jets.

This classic flight simulator saw you in control of an F-14 Tomcat jet, fighting to bring down waves of enemy jets. The best arcade versions had you actually sat in a mock cockpit. Finally, our Top Gun dreams could come true!

Defender (1980)


An icon of arcade gaming from the 80s.

Despite its difficult gameplay and even more tricky controls, Defender has become an icon of arcade gaming from the 80s. So much so in fact, that the Beastie Boys namecheck Defender in the song Body Movin'!

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