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Disney's cartoon recycling exposed - Snow White and Maid Marian.

Disney's cartoon recycling exposed



The Disney studio is full of magic, wonder, fairy dust, rigid deadlines and fixed financial budgets. That’s the only explanation we can come up with for all the times they’ve re-used animation from one classic in another. Well, either that or they’re all interconnected in a complex interweaving plot… As die-hard Disney fans, we’re opting for the latter.





Recycling Disney's classics

Many of the classic Disney films re-used animation from earlier classics, as the video above reveals. The balroom dance from Sleeping Beauty (1959) was reproduced almost identically in Beauty and the Beast (1991), just as the dancing animations from Snow White (1937) were re-used for Robin Hood (1973).

It's not just the dance moves that are similar either. Check out the faces! The expressions are almost hauntingly similar... But the one that freaks us out the most has to be King Louie's boogie  - and seeing those same dance moves being pulled off by a middle-aged hen! Who knew chickens were such swingers?

It's not all about the boogie...

Most of the scenes in the previous video showed our favourite Disney characters getting jiggy with it - but dancing scenes aren't the only recycling offenders. Everything from bathing bluebirds to soaring squirrels has been re-used. Just look at that opening scene from Bambi (1942) at the video's start. It's reproduced almost frame for frame in Alice in Wonderland (1951), a film released just a couple of years later.

Our favourite has to be moping Mowgli, stepping over rocks, and the similar scene with Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh (1997). It's one of the longest examples of recycled animation we've ever seen, and really makes us wonder just how pressed for time those Disney animators were!

But hey, the Disney magic might be recycled, but it's still magic, and we wouldn't change these classic Disney films for all the money in the world.

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