Disturbing TV puppets


Puppets are curious things. They can be cute and cuddly, and they can cause us to hide behind the sofa. Sometimes they manage to be both at the same time! Here are 10 that we love to be weirded out by. 





Joe 90 

There was something strange about Joe himself.

Joe 90 was awesome. But while the show was often thrilling (especially for our nine-year-old selves) there was something strange about Joe himself... Was it the waxy skin? The doll eyes? We don’t know, but it certainly gave us the willies!


Emu struck fear into the hearts of chat show hosts.

Rod Hull's giant bird puppet struck fear into the hearts of chat show hosts and small children alike. And with good reason! He once tried to bite Snoop Dog. Anyway crazy enough to do that must be a little unstable.

Marjory the Trash Heap

Marjory must have been a bit smelly.

She may have been a wise old Trash Heap, but Fraggle Rock's Marjory must have been a bit smelly, what with her hat made of rotten banana skins. We wouldn't want to get too close!

Zelda from Terrahawks 

Wispy hair, warts and scary fingernails.

Evil Zelda was the chief villain in this sci-fi TV show from Gerry Anderson. With her wispy hair, warts and scary fingernails she made us hide behind the sofa cushions every time she turned up. We still get the chills just thinking about her!

Orville the Duck 

Orville was totally quackers.

Keith Harris' duck sidekick was totally quackers. His big eyes, squeaky voice, and penchant for Huggies certainly gave him an unusual air… 


Zipped up when he spoke his mind.

It wasn't so much that Rainbow's Zippy was scary, it was the fact that whenever he spoke his mind someone zipped his mouth shut. Admittedly, we’ve wished we could zip our mouths shut sometimes. Especially after one too many glasses of wine. Oh dear… 

Spitting Image    

Margaret Thatcher reminded us of our nan.

In the '80s Spitting Image revolutionised puppet-making and satirical telly. The grotesque masks poked fun at the biggest names of the day but the scariest by far was that of Maggie Thatcher. Not because of political reasons. She just reminded us of our nan, which freaked us out a bit!

Lamb Chop 

Was Lamb Chop cute or frightening?

Shari Lewis and her sock puppet sheep Lamb Chop were big in the 1960s. Just like Emu, we could never decide whether Lamb Chop was cute or frightening. Can he be both?

Roland Rat 

One of very few puppets to get a hit single.

Roland Rat was a rapping rodent – and one of very few puppets to get a hit single. There was something totally awesome about the ratty puppet, but we couldn’t help but feel a bit disturbed when he was around… Mainly because he wore sunglasses while underground! 


Thunderbirds are.. creepy.

Thunderbirds are… creepy! Okay, okay. They’re not totally frightening. Just a little uncanny. And weird or not, that didn’t stop us from nagging our parents for a Thunderbird Two with Real Detachable Thunderbird Four Submersible, not to mention a Fully Interactive Tracy Island. Good times!

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