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Exclusive: Inception banner posters



If ever there was a movie that deserved the name ‘mind-bending’, it was Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic, Inception. The Hugo Award-winning movie saw Titanic heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio delve into a mysterious world of corporate espionage and psychological drama as he sought to erase his criminal history. Not only was the film a hit, its posters were some of the best to come out of movie land in a while. Let’s take a look…




Inception banner poster 1

This superb shot really captures the sense of mind-twisting otherness that makes Inception such a great film.

Inception banner poster 2

Here we see the confusion over space and gravity. It’s just like Lionel Richie’s ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’, but, you know, with less dancing, and more flailing panic.

Inception banner poster 3

Leonardo DiCaprio comes up with a novel way to beat the traffic. Frankly, we’d prefer to take the subway.

Inception banner poster 4

Even in a psychological dream world where time and space are warped beyond all recognition, the price of beach-front properties is still astronomical.

Cobb: Dream thief

Leonardo DiCaprio plays Cobb, an expert in 'inception': the act of infiltrating dreams and stealing ideas. He’s a bit like a nasty sandman, with a silenced pistol instead of a bag of sand. 

Sweet dreams?

Limp Bizkit's album cover is completely terrible!

Somewhat predictably, the job - in which Cobb is hired to plant an idea in a dream, rather than steal it - does not go to plan. This gun-toting fellow is Saito (Ken Watanabe), the man behind the mission.

Topsy turvey

During inception, the usual laws of physics don't apply. As Walt Disney might say, if you can dream it, you can do it! Naturally, this resulted in a number of completely gaga action sequences, including this upside-down, Matrix-esque gunfight featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt going all MC Escher on us. Sick bags at the ready...

The city sleeps… 

But Leo is restless. Probably because he's got no idea what's going on either. But hey, at least he looks great!

Inception was released in the UK on 8 July 2010, and totally blew our minds.

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