Gigs in strange places

Gigs in strange places


Where’s the most rock and roll place to play a gig? Under the sea? On the moon? Inside an active volcano? We’re not sure, but we certainly tip our hats to the great and unusual gigs played by these music stars… 





Cliff Richard – Centre Court, Wimbledon 

Tennis fans joined Cliff in a sing-along when rain stopped play at Wimbledon in 1993.

When rain stopped play in 1996 only one man could possibly have stepped in and made everything better. That man was Cliff Richard. And what a show he gave! He made everyone join him in a sing-along to Summer Holiday, which must have lifted the spirits of even the most sad-faced tennis fan.

Katie Melua – Troll Gas Oil Rig 

Katie Melua, deepest underwater gig at 303 metres below the North Sea.

In December 2005 Kate performed the deepest underwater concert of all-time, 303 metres below the North Sea inside a tube at the bottom of an oil rig. Why? Because who wouldn’t want to do that! The acoustics were the closest thing to crazy she has ever known.

Jamiroquai – Boeing 757 

Jamiroquai performed the highest ever gig in March 2007 at 35,000 feet.

What’s better? Snakes on a plane, or Jamiroquai on a plane? Being space cowboys, we’d opt for the latter! (And not just because we’re scared of snakes either). At an altitude of 35000 feet, Jay Kay and his band performed the highest ever gig in March 2007.

British Sea Power – Carnglaze Caverns 

British Sea Power gig at Carnglaze Caverns, their most triumphant show.

The Lake District born nature lovers enjoy playing venues unaccustomed to rock n roll – platforms out at sea, ex-serviceman’s clubs and Britain’s highest pub have all been graced by their live happenings. But we think their show inside the caves in Liskard, Cornwall was their most triumphant. One track ‘No Red Indian’ found them using the cave walls as percussion.

Richard Hawley – Second Life

Richard Hawley performed in virtual online kingdom, Second Life.

The Mercury Award nominated singer from Sheffield once performed a show in the virtual online kingdom Second Life. Hawley’s gig took place on his own guitar shaped Second Life island. 

The Beatles – The roof of No. 3 Saville Row 

The Beatles' farewell performance on the roof of Apple Records.

The Fab Four’s choice of location — the roof of Apple Records — for their farewell performance was unorthodox at the time. Even so, it’s since been copied by many bands, including U2 who stopped the traffic in Los Angeles with their rooftop show. It was a blustery day and the band’s engineer needed something to cover the microphones – his solution was some ladies stockings from Marks & Spencer!

Adjagas – Pulpit Rock 

Adjagas perform on a mountain platform 600 metres above Lyse Fjord.

The Norwegian rockers Adjagas once chose to perform a gig on a jagged mountain platform dangling 600 metres above the Lyse Fjord. So remote was the location that the band’s equipment had to be air-winched by helicopter. We have to wonder who turned up to their concert… Maybe it was a secret gig for Santa Claus? It’s a possibility!

KT Tunstall – The Arctic Circle 

KT Tunstall's coolest pub gig of her career in Ilulissat, Greenland.

KT Tunstall performed quite possibly the coolest pub gig of her career during her eco-mission to Greenland. Taking over a bar in the tiny town of Ilulissat (which translates as Iceberg) in Greenland she performed to a handful of hardy locals.

Jarvis Cocker – Galerie Chappe

Jarvis Cocker performed impromptu jams in a Parisian art gallery.

Taking up residency in a Parisian art gallery every afternoon for a week, the former Pulp singer performed a series of impromptu jams to accompany the regular goings on. One day saw Jarvis and band play an eight minute groove for the benefit of a visiting yoga class!

F***ed Up, Rogan Store, New York 

The Canadian band performed for 12 hours in a Manhattan shop window.

The Canadian band with the unprintable name celebrated the release of their album The Chemistry of Common Life, by performing for 12 hours in the front window of a shop in Manhattan. We’d make a joke about shop dummies, but we wouldn’t want to upset the band!

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