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Top 10 comedy characters: The Office cast.

Top 10 comedy characters



British comedy is full to bursting with hilarious characters. But which are the best? We’ve put together a list of 10 that keep us laughing, whether we’re watching them for the umpteenth time or just remembering their antics while riding the bus. Dive on in and see which comedy characters we love! 




Manuel - Fawlty Towers 

Manuel, he still manages to keep smiling.

Manuel, he still manages to keep smiling.

We love Manuel. There’s just something so charming about him. And even though he spends most of his time being conked on the head by his unfeeling boss, he still manages to keep smiling. What a guy!

Dougal - Father Ted 

Dougal, Father Ted: innocent and entertaining.

Innocent and entertaining.

These cows are small. Those cows are faaaaar away. Really, is there anyone quite as innocent and entertaining as Father Ted’s Dougal? 

David Brent - The Office 

David Brent, king of cringe.

King of cringe.

Everyone’s had a boss like Mr Brent at some point. And because we all know what it’s like to work for such a fellow, we can’t help but curl up in embarrassment whenever he makes an office faux pas in front of his long-suffering employees. Truly the king of cringe.

Ali G - Da Ali G Show 

Ali-G even had his own hit movie.

He even had his own hit movie.

Ali G inspired a whole generation of impressionable youngsters – despite being a parody of the culture itself! That just goes to show how perfect he was as a character. He even had his own hit movie. Not even comedy star can say that. 

Baldrick - Blackadder

Blackadder and his mistreated sidekick, Baldrick

Blackadder's mistreated sidekick.

If you ever need a cunning plan, there’s only one man to turn to – Blackadder’s mistreated sidekick, Baldrick. Tony Robinson’s portrayal of the hapless servant was so perfect that we can no longer watch Time Team. Well, not without making dozens of Blackadder references anyway!

Del Boy - Only Fools And Horses 

Del Boy, one of the best British comedy characters of all time.

One of the best British comedy characters of all time.

This time next year, he’s going to be a millionaire. Honestly. For definite this time. Easily one of the best British comedy characters of all time, Del Boy could have us sobbing into our cushions just as quickly as he could have us belly-laughing. And that scene where he leans on the bar? Classic. 

Arnold Judas Rimmer - Red Dwarf 

Arnold 'call me Ace' Rimmer and the cast of Red Dwarf.

Arnold 'call me Ace' Rimmer.

Without him Red Dwarf – and life itself – would be much grimmer. Arnold ‘call me Ace’ Rimmer was the classic loser. But while he often struck out with his career, and with ladies, and with his friends, we still think he’s great. 

Frank Spencer - Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em

Frank and Betty Spencer, Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.

Got into more scrapes than Homer Simpson.

Ooooooh, Betty! Hapless Frank got into more scrapes than Homer Simpson, often causing the mild-mannered people who had to deal with him to fly into fits of rage. And did you know he did all his own stunts? That episode where he flew out the church roof is much more impressive now…

Arkwright - Open All Hours 

Ronnie Barker as Akwright, spot on portrayal of the stingy shop-keeper.

Spot on portrayal of the stingy shop-keeper.

Fetch your cloth! Arkwright could be found in almost every corner shop in England when we were growing up, and Ronnie Barker’s portrayal of the stingy shop-keep couldn’t have been more spot-on. 

Basil Fawlty - Fawlty Towers

Basil Fawlty and Polly, Fawlty Towers.

One of the funniest characters ever to grace our screens.

If there’s one man that made us want to crawl into a cupboard out of sheer embarrassment, it’s dear Mr Fawlty. Who can forget the time he furiously attacked his car with a tree branch? Or that time he couldn’t help but mention the war? Easily one of the funniest characters to ever grace our TV screens. 

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