Happy Days: where are they now?


When we think about Happy Days we think about The Fonz. We can’t help it. He was just so cool. That’s not to say that the show as a whole was bad – quite the opposite! But where are The Fonz and the rest of the gang these days? We’ve investigated to bring you the answer. 



Richie Cunningham (Ron Howard) 

Best summed up as 'wholesome'.

Richie was a classic US teen who could best be summed up as 'wholesome'. He loved his Mum and his pals, and while he could be a bit naive he also got into the odd scrape. Richie, like The Fonz, spent most of his teen years trying to pick up women. Sadly, unlike The Fonz, he was mostly unsuccessful. A budding writer, he went on to study journalism at university where he met his wife, Lori Beth.

Where’s Ron now? 

Became one of Hollywood's most successful movie directors.

Ron Howard became one of Hollywood's most successful movie directors. He's helmed such classics as Frost/Nixon, Apollo 13 and Backdraft. He's married with four children who were all named after the places they were conceived in - Henry Winkler is godfather to all his offspring.

Arthur ‘The Fonz’ Fonzarelli (Henry Winkler) 

He never lost his cool.

Heeeyyyyy… The Fonz put the 'oo' in cool. He was a rebel, a school dropout and a member of a biker gang. But under all that bravado Fonzie was a caring guy who'd do anything for his pals. The Fonz ended up going to night class and teaching in the local school. He never lost his cool though. Oh, and he always got the girl...

Where’s Henry now? 

Made The Fonz a cultural icon.

Henry Winkler helped make The Fonz a cultural icon and will always be associated with the role. He's since been in many TV shows including The Simpsons and Arrested Development. He's starred in numerous films, most notably with his friend Adam Sandler, and has been treading the boards in panto in the UK. Despite that, he's still cool.

Joanie Cunningham (Erin Moran)

Sweet as pie, she loved nosing through other people's business.

Joanie was Richie's little sister. Sweet as pie, she loved nosing through other people's business and ended up running away with Chachi (to appear in spin-off show Joanie Loves Chachi), but later returned to Happy Days where the pair married. Aww. 

Where’s Erin now?

Erin Moran has been spotted in Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis: Murder.

Erin Moran never quite hit the big time after Happy Days. Since then she's been spotted in Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis: Murder. She recently appeared in the USA's Celebrity Fit Club where she only managed to lose 3lbs in weight. She later admitted she only did it for the money. Joanie, really!

Marion ‘Mrs C’ Cunningham (Marion Ross) 

She acted as Fonzie's surrogate mum.

Mrs C was the absolute epitome of the all-American mom. A good homemaker, mother and wife, she also acted as Fonzie's surrogate mum. She loved soap operas and looking after her family. She'd previously worked as a secretary, but gave up her career when she married Howard. Mrs C was the only person allowed to call Fonzie by his real name - Arthur.

Where’s Marion now? 

She currently lives in a house called Happy Days Farm in California.

Marion Ross is still best known for her role as Mrs Cunningham, despite having a distinguished career on stage, TV and film. She's appeared in Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, and even SpongeBob SquarePants. She currently lives with her partner in California in a house called Happy Days Farm.

Howard ‘Mr C’ Cunningham (Tom Bosley) 

Most comfortable reading in his armchair while Mrs C waited on him.

Head of the Cunningham clan, Howard had fallen in love with hardware when he was a boy and ended up owning a successful hardware store. He was most comfortable sitting in his armchair reading his newspaper while Mrs C waited on him. He liked playing bowls and going to the lodge with his mates, though he was often baffled by his teen children and their antics.

Where’s Tom now? 

Appeared in The Back-up Plan opposite Jennifer Lopez.

Fans of daytime drama will know Tom Bosley from his roles in Murder She Wrote and the Father Dowling Mysteries (in which he played crime-fighting Catholic priest Father Dowling). Most recently he appeared in The Back-up Plan opposite Jennifer Lopez. He also voiced a cat in a TV commercial for pet food. Sadly, Tom passed away in October 2010, aged 83.

Charles ‘Chachi’ Arcola (Scott Baio)

Pursued Joanie Cunningham relentlessly.

Despite having a name like a 1980s panda, Chachi was one of the best loved characters on the show. Chachi was Fonzie's cousin and was embarrassed by his eccentric upbringing. He was a sensitive soul and frequently got emotional. At a young age he fell in love with Joanie Cunningham and pursued her relentlessly. All that chasing paid off too - they ended up getting married!

Where’s Scott now? 

Scott Baio looks suspiciously like Bruno Tonioli.

Now looking suspiciously like Bruno Tonioli, Scott Baio left Happy Days and found fame with babysitting sitcom Charles in Charge. His star gradually waned and he's had minor parts in Diagnosis: Murder and Arrested Development. A former teen heart throb, Scott dated such lovelies as Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear and Brooke Shields. He's now married with one daughter.

Ralph Malph (Donny Most)

Ralph wasn't actually that funny and rarely raised a laugh.

Ralph thought he was a born comedian and spent his time making jokes and chasing the girls. Sadly for Ralph he wasn't actually that funny and he rarely raised a laugh, even among his pals. He was also pretty unsuccessful with the local females despite his best efforts. He went on to study to be an eye doctor at university, even though his real dream was to be a professional comedian.

Where’s Donny now? 

Donny Most has appeared in everything from CHiPs to Baywatch.

Donny Most has done the rounds of US TV shows, appearing in everything from CHiPs to Baywatch, but he's only really had bit parts and has never hit the big time. He now lives in California with his wife and plays a lot of golf, sometimes appearing in celebrity golf tournaments.

Warren ‘Potsie’ Weber (Anson Williams)

Known as 'Potsie' because he liked to play with clay as a child.

Potsie was Richie's best friend. He was also a fabulous singer. He wasn't the brightest star in the sky and often got confused and said silly things. He went on to study psychology at university, but ended up working with Mr C in the hardware shop. He was known as 'Potsie' because he used to like playing with clay as a child.

Where’s Anson now? 

Anson opened a chain of diners with Al Molinaro.

After Happy Days, Anson Williams has mostly been behind the camera, directing many popular TV shows, including Charmed, Star Trek and Xena: Warrior Princess. In the 1980s he opened a chain of diners with fellow cast member Al Molinaro. Interestingly, Williams is the second cousin of Dr Heimlich who developed the Heimlich Manoeuvre. Who would have guessed?

Al Devecchio (Al Molinaro) 

The male toilets at Al's diner were also known as Fonzie's office.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah... that was Al's catchphrase. He owned and cooked at Al's cafe and ended up marrying Chachi's mother, forming a strong bond with his stepson. Al was a pivotal character in the show as a great deal of the action took place in his diner. In fact, the male toilets at Al's were also known as Fonzie's 'office'.

Where’s Al now? 

Al Molinaro, a talented ukulele player, Al passed away in 2015.

Al Molinaro retired from acting in 1992 and sadly passed away in 2015. He started a chain of diners with Anson Williams in the late 1980s but after that pretty much disappeared off the radar, until he appeared in a Weezer video in 1994. Al was also a talented ukulele player.

Roger Philips (Ted McGinley) 

Marion's nephew Roger was introduced after Richie left.

Roger was one of many minor characters who appeared in the show over the years. He was introduced after Richie left and appeared from 1980 until 1984. He was handsome and charming and worked as a coach in the local high school. He was also Marion's nephew.

Where’s Ted now? 

Best known for his role as Jefferson D'Arcy in Married with Children.

Ted McGinley is perhaps best known for his role as Jefferson D'Arcy in Married with Children, but he's also been in a host of other US TV shows, including Dynasty and The West Wing. Most recently he appeared in Dancing with the Stars but was booted out after two episodes. He is married with two children.

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