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The Lost character compendium

The Lost character compendium



Are you feeling a little lost trying to remember all those Lost characters? Can’t quite tell your Mr Eko from your Ethan Rom? Never fear, Virgin is here! We’ve put together a list of the 20 most important characters to get you up to speed if you’re in the mood for a bit of Box Set Lost. 




Charlie Pace 

Charlie Pace is rockin' on Heaven's door now...

He's rockin' on Heaven's door now...

Part of one-hit wonder band Drive Shaft, Brit Charlie struggled with his drug addiction following the crash and found love with Claire. Thanks to Desmond, he frequently evaded death but was killed by Mikhail while heroically trying to unblock a signal on an underwater Dharma station. He’s rockin’ on Heaven’s door now… 

Mr Eko 

Mr Eko was killed by the Smoke Monster.

Killed by the Smoke Monster.

The drugs-smuggling Nigerian gang leader turned to spirituality after his priest brother saved his life. One of Flight 815’s tail section survivors, he clashed with Locke when he discovered a plan to stop inputting the numbers into the hatch computer. He later followed visions of his brother in the jungle that led him to the Smoke Monster – which then killed him. Oh dear. 

Ana Lucia Cortez 

Ana Lucia Cortez was shot by Michael Dawson.

Michael Dawson shot her.

The former cop led the tail section group of survivors but mistakenly shot Shannon dead in the jungle. She later handed her gun to Michael Dawson – unaware that he was working for The Others and would kill her moments later. Poor Ana didn’t exactly have the best of luck. 

Danielle Rousseau 

Danielle Rousseau was killed by mercenary Keamy.

Killed by mercenary Keamy.

Around 16 years before the Flight 815 crash, Danielle landed on the island and her daughter Alex was snatched by Ben Linus. Living as a savage, she later formed an uneasy alliance with the crash survivors but was killed by Charles Widmore’s lead mercenary Keamy.

Michael Dawson 

Michael Lloyd died in the freighter mission explosion.

Died in the freighter mission explosion.

Michael was distraught when The Others kidnapped his son Walt following the crash. In return for a reunion, Michael worked for them and killed Ana Lucia and Libby. The pair left the island but parted ways, with Michael suicidal through guilt. He adopted the guise of Kevin Johnson and made it onto Charles Widmore’s freighter mission as a mole (not a real mole) for Ben Linus, but died in the ensuing explosion.

Walt Lloyd 

Walt Lloyd was kidnapped by The Others.

Kidnapped by The Others.

After his mother died, Walt was reunited with his father Michael Dawson after ten years apart. They survived the crash but Walt was kidnapped by The Others and became estranged from Michael on the mainland. Walt often surfaced in Locke’s visions before something bad was due to happen on the island. Maybe he had The Shining?

Libby Smith 

Libby Smith was killed by Michael Dawson.

Killed by Michael Dawson.

A former mental patient, tail section survivor Libby formed a close bond with Claire and became romantically involved with Hurley. Before their relationship blossomed, she was shot dead by Michael while he was trying to appease The Others. She has since haunted her killer’s dreams.

Boone Carlyle 

Boone Carlyle died when the plane he was in, fell out of a tree.

Died when the plane he was in, fell out of a tree.

Before boarding Flight 815, Boone made many attempts to save his stepsister Shannon from ruin. He found the island’s hatch with his mentor Locke and grew jealous of Sayid when he seduced Shannon. Boone died after a small plane, which was lodged in a tree canopy, tumbled to the ground while he was inside trying to use the radio.

Shannon Rutherford 

Shannon Rutherford was shot dead by Ana Lucia.

Shot dead by Ana Lucia.

Shannon cruelly manipulated her stepbrother Boone before the crash and continued her selfish ways on the island. She appeared to have found salvation in the form of Sayid and the pair fell in love. While in the jungle, Shannon chased after a vision of Walt and was shot dead by Ana Lucia, who thought she was one of The Others.

Nikki Fernandez 

Nikki Fernandez was bitten by a spider and temporarily paralysed.

Bitten by a spider and temporarily paralysed.

The American star of TV show Exposé bickered with lover Paulo after the crash over the huge haul diamonds they stole from her dead boyfriend. She realised he had secretly stashed them away and poisoned him with a spider and was soon bitten – and temporarily paralysed – herself. Unfortunately neither of them gained Spiderman-style powers. That would certainly have thrown a spanner in the works!


Paulo was poisoned with a venomous spider.

Poisoned with a venomous spider.

Seduced by actress Nikki before the crash, Paulo worked as a chef and poisoned her affluent lover. The Brazilian conman then proceeded to steal $8 million worth of diamonds in cahoots with Nikki. On the island, Paulo tried to keep the diamonds for himself but Nikki found out and poisoned him with a venomous spider.

Bernard Nadler 

Bernard Nadler retired to a secluded cabin with Rose.

Retired to a secluded cabin with Rose.

Bernard was returning from his Australian honeymoon with Rose on Flight 815. They were separated after the crash but reunited and opted to side with Jack instead of Locke. Bernard’s Morse code skills exposed the lies of the team from Widmore’s freighter. The couple later retired to a secluded cabin on the island.

Rose Nadler 

Rose Nadler settled down for a quiet life with Bernard.

Settled down for a quiet life with Bernard.

Married to Bernard, Rose found that she was cured of her terminal cancer after crashing on the island (take THAT, medical science). She had earlier lied to him that a faith healer in Australia cured her. After experiencing various time jumps, Rose settled down for a quiet life with Bernard.


Ilana showed The Others that the real John Locke was still dead.

Showed The Others that the real John Locke was still dead.

A passenger on Flight 316 in 2007, Ilana was approached by Jacob to do a favour for him when she was in a Russian hospital. Ilana led the latest group of crash survivors on a quest to the statue beneath which Jacob resided. She also showed The Others that the real John Locke was still dead after the crash.


Caesar was shot in the chest by Ben Linus.

Shot in the chest by Ben Linus.

Secretive Caesar was on board Flight 815 when it crash-landed and spent most of his time exploring the island’s Dharma stations. Ben Linus shot him in the chest when he tried to prevent the fake John Locke from taking a boat. This island sure is a dangerous one… 


Jacob was murdered by Ben Linus on the instructions of the Smoke Monster.

The elusive figure had a God-like status amongst The Others and reportedly resided on the island for several hundred years until he was murdered by Ben Linus. Linus was instructed to do so by Jacob’s long-running and unnamed nemesis (that smoky cloud fella). He visited many of the crash survivors long before they boarded Flight 815.

Ethan Rom

Ethan Rom was shot dead by Charlie.

Shot dead by Charlie.

A Dharma Initiative doctor born on the island in 1977, he posed as a crash survivor but was exposed as one of The Others and fled. He snuck back into camp to abduct the pregnant Claire. She was later rescued and used as bait to entrap Ethan, until Charlie shot him dead.

Mikhail Bakunin

Mikhail Bakunin died when he blew a hole in the underwater Dharma station.

Died when he blew a hole in the underwater Dharma station.

The one-eyed Other, who sported a black eyepatch (now that’s what we call a bad guy), served as the communications officer for the remnants of the Dharma Initiative. He died when he blew a hole in the side of the underwater Dharma station in an attempt to stop Charlie (who also perished) from unblocking the jam on all external transmissions from the island.

Tom – Mr Friendly

Tom 'Mr Friendly' was shot and killed by Sawyer as revenge for taking Walt.

Shot and killed by Sawyer as revenge for taking Walt.

Sporting a false beard, Tom abducted the young Walt from a raft as he was attempting to escape. He later enticed Walt’s father Michael to work as a mole for Ben Linus on board Charles Widmore’s freighter. Tom was shot and killed by Sawyer as revenge for taking Walt.

Goodwin Stanhope

Goodwin Stanhope was impaled on a stick.

Impaled on a stick.

One of The Others, Goodwin embarked on an extra-marital affair with Juliet and made Ben Linus jealous. He was sent to work undercover by Linus, posing as a survivor from the tail section part of the crashed plane. His ruse was rumbled and after a bit of a fight with Ana Lucia, he was impaled on a stick. Now that’s gotta hurt. 

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