Neighbours: Where are they now?


Everybody loves good neighbours. But have you ever wondered what happened to those guys and gals from Ramsey Street? We certainly have. And so we’ve hunted down some of our favourite characters to see just what they’re up to these days. Let’s take a look!



Madge Bishop (Anne Charleston) 

Anne Charleston played Madge Bishop.

Gravel-voiced Madge was Ramsay Street's uncompromising mother figure throughout the 90s. She survived hubby Harold's disappearance, long-time suitor Lou's advances and even the temporary loss of her sight. She bowed out of the show in 2001, leaving a lasting legacy as one of the Street’s best loved characters. 

Where’s Anne now? 

Anne has since taken to the stage as a Calendar Girl.

Since quitting Neighbours for good Anne's been a sitcom star in Dossa and Joe, camped it up in panto and returned to the world of soaps during a stint in Emmerdale. She's also taken to the stage as a Calendar Girl. Raunchy!

Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) 

Ian Smith played fusspot Harold Bishop.

Harold Bishop might have been a fusspot and something of a curmudgeon, but he was at the centre of one of Neighbours' biggest dramas. In 1991 he disappeared on the beach and was presumed dead. Neighbours’ very own Ned Flanders reappeared a few years later and went on to become a clean-living mainstay.

Where’s Ian now? 

Ian quit the show in 2008.

Ian's stated his reason for quitting the show in 2008 was the abuse he was receiving from mouthy teenagers. When not on Ramsay Street he's appeared on Little Britain Down Under and even popped up on Loose Women. Our Bishop sure does get around!

Des Clarke (Paul Keane) 

Was once involved in one of soapland's happiest marriages.

Des was one of Ramsay Street's most iconic figures. And not just because of his oversized ears either. Des was once involved in one of soapland's happiest marriages, to Daphne, which ended in traditional tragic fashion when she was killed in a car accident in 1988. Des left in 1990.

Where’s Paul now? 

Paul walked away from the limelight.

Paul Keane's life post-Des is something of an enigma. Famously, Paul walked away from life in the limelight after leaving the show. He worked in a pub for several years, and reappeared in Neighbours in 2014 for the show’s 30th anniversary. 

The Alessi twins (Gayle and Gillian Blakeney) 

They were told to pretend to be one person, Linda Giles.

We sure were confused when these two turned up! Caroline and Christina Alessi arrived in Erinsborough under the witness protection scheme and lived a difficult double life.

They were told to pretend to be one person, Linda Giles, and the troubled twosome's trick was only discovered after a few months of utter confusion.

Where are Gayle and Gillian now? 

Moved to the states to find acting work and still live there today.

Neighbours launched a number of high profile pop successes over the years. But Gayle and Gillian’s names can't be added to that list, as their attempts at cracking the charts post-Neighbours was a total flop. After hosting Take Your Pick in Britain, the pair moved to the States to find acting work, and still live there today.

Jane Harris (Annie Jones) 

The street's ultimate goody-two-shoes.

Jane Harris was Ramsay Street's ultimate goody-two-shoes. Which is ironic, seeing as Annie Jones originally auditioned for the part of tomboy Charlene. She might have been nicknamed Plain Jane Super Brain, but her extreme makeover set the bar for on-screen transformations from geek to chic. We still get hot under the collar when we think of her today. 

Where’s Annie now? 

Annie still stars on the small screen in Oz.

Annie has continued to star on the small screen in her native Oz. She's popped up in shows including Blue Heelers, Stingers and City Homicide (nope, we've never heard of them either). She returned to her old Ramsay Street haunt for the show’s anniversary. 

Henry Ramsay (Craig McLachlan) 

He had an array of get-rich quick schemes.

We always thought Henry Ramsay was a bit of a mix between Del Boy and Fabio, a bit of a wide boy with an array of get-rich quick schemes and a serious eye for the ladies. When he wasn't stealing hearts, or failing to become a millionaire, Henry was playing practical jokes.

Where’s Craig now? 

Recently appeared in Dancing on Ice.

After a stint on Neighbours' rival, Home And Away, Craig launched a pop career. While he wasn't quite Jason Donovan, he did enjoy success and used it as a launchpad to play Danny in Grease in the West End. Still acting, he also recently appeared in Dancing on Ice. 

Shane Ramsay (Peter O'Brien) 

An athletic sort of chap who wasn't very lucky.

Shane Ramsay was an athletic sort of chap who at one point harboured ambitions of swimming in the Olympics. But away from the pool his luck wasn't always in. He was involved in two car accidents, the first of which ended his dreams of gold medal glory while the second almost landed him in prison. Maybe he should have traded in his car for a BMX instead!

Where’s Peter now?

Peter has picked up movie work including X Men Origins: Wolverine.

Peter's carried on acting since leaving Neighbours. After Ramsay Street he had a stint on Flying Doctors before coming to Britain for work. Having appeared in Queer as Folk, The Bill and Doctor Who, he's still a regular feature on our screens. Pete has also picked up movie work, including X Men Origins: Wolverine. That’s quite impressive for a Ramsey Street regular!

Joe Mangel (Mark Little) 

Not exactly a suave gentlemen.

Joe Mangel wasn’t exactly a suave gentleman. He loved both beer and gambling – but he was also a devoted family man. He once fought tooth and nail for custody of Sky and suffered the heartbreak of losing his wife Kerry in a freak shooting accident. The poor guy!

Where’s Mark now?

Mark replaced Chris Evans on The Big Breakfast.

Mark's popularity on Neighbours led to him becoming the replacement for Chris Evans on The Big Breakfast. Post-early mornings, Mark performed in a number of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, on stage and in films and has branched out into stand up. We even saw him come back to Ramsey Street for an anniversary special. 

Phil Martin (Ian Rawlings)

Phil had quite an eclectic mix of careers.

Phil racked up a fair few jobs during his time in Erinsborough. At various points he was a bank manager, janitor, barman and even, briefly, a novelist. That’s quite an eclectic mix of careers there Phil! 

Where’s Ian now?

Ian has continued to act in his native Oz.

Post-Neighbours Ian Rawlings has continued to act in his native Oz, appearing in the long-running police series Blue Heelers. He also appeared in Stingers and the legal drama MDA. Ian was another familiar face lured back for anniversary celebrations on Neighbours.

Annalise Hartman (Kimberley Davies)

Ramsay Street's heartbreaker.

Annalise was the resident heartbreaker on Ramsay Street, but that didn't save her from the humiliation of being jilted at the altar. She made Lou the saddest silver fox in Australia when their relationship ended. The poor old fella. 

Where’s Kimberley now? 

Kimberley has appeared in Friends and Ally McBeal in the US.

Since sashaying off the show Kimberley has made waves in the US, appearing in the glitzy Pacific Palisades, Friends and Ally McBeal. She's also been something of a reality TV queen, braving I'm A Celebrity and the Aussie version of Dancing with the Stars.

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