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Rogue Trader (1998)

Rogue Trader (1998)



If you enjoy both films based on true stories and Sir Ewan McGregor, you’ll love Rogue Trader. McGregor plays Nick Leeson, a bank employee who becomes addicted to gambling away most of his employer’s funds… It’s gripping stuff! Fancy a quick peek? Well here you go… 





Rogue Trader is based on the true events of 1995, when Englishman Nick Leeson (Ewan McGregor) caused the downfall of Baring Banks through his siphoning of funds, which he had injudiciously traded on the Singapore International Money Exchange. The film follows Leeson, the son of a Watford plasterer, as he establishes himself within the higher echelons of Barings, and his subsequent flight to Indonesia with his wife Lisa (Anna Friel), with the authorities on his tail.

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