From small screen to big screen


What’s the best way to make a TV series even better? Simple, hire an excellent director and make it into a film! Admittedly it doesn’t always work out perfectly, but there’s still nothing better than seeing your favourite TV star up on the big screen. But which shows should make the transition to cinema? Well… 



Doctor Who 

Rumours of Doctor Who with Johnny Depp, can it really be true?

The BBC has confirmed that a script is in development for a Doctor Who movie. Rumour has it that Johnny Depp will have a starring role in the film, although how this will fit into the Who timeline is unclear… Can it really be true? Or will it only happen in our dreams? Only time will tell.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

Rumours have pointed to a reimagining of the show.

The popular show started life as a 1992 movie, and there have been numerous rumours about it returning to its cinematic roots. Most recently these rumours have pointed to a reimagining of the franchise that would involve neither its creator, Joss Whedon, nor any of the cast from the TV series. Boooo...

Britain’s Got Talent 

Simon is rather keen on making the movie himself.

Simon Cowell has reportedly been fighting off offers from Hollywood big wigs desperate to make a movie about Susan Boyle's worldwide success. Apparently Simon is rather keen on making the movie himself though... Simon Cowell in the director’s chair? We feel sorry for those poor actors!

Red Dwarf 

High on the list of potential movies, "Never say never..."

The recently resurrected cult sitcom has always been high on the list of potential movies. Star Craig Charles said recently, "Never say never - if this special goes well, you never know what could come of it." Well, as long as Rimmer’s Munchkin song is included, we’ll be happy. 

Pushing Daisies 

Cast are keen to reform for a movie.

The life-after-death-with-pies drama may have been dumped from the TV schedules, but the cast are keen to reform for a movie. Kristin Chenoweth said: "[Creator Bryan Fuller] has such a great idea for a movie. We all want to." Watch this space.

Star Trek 

Star TreK: holding out for a reimagining of the Shatner-era Star Trek.

The latest Star Trek movie was a massive hit, and starred big name actors like Winona Ryder and Simon Pegg. We’re still holding out for a reimagining of the camp Shatner-era Star Trek though. We want… everyone… to talk… like this. And if we could get Shatner’s Rocket Man rendition in there somewhere too? Movie people? Please?


Despite the constant Twittering, it's always been denied.

Movie rumours about the flatmate sitcom have been rife since the TV series ended. But despite the constant twittering on internet gossip boards, it's always been denied. Matthew Perry's publicist recently huffed: "Nothing is happening in this regard, so the rumour is false." Shame. But you never know… 

Arrested Development 

Due to hit the cinema screens next year.

The Bluth family's escapades are due to hit cinema screens next year. When quizzed about the movie, director Ron Howard said: "Things are going really well," but replied, "People are going to have to see," when asked about the cast. Mysterious! 

Gilligan's Island

Sherwood Schwartz has signed up for the movie version.

The 60s castaway comedy has had many incarnations, including a reality show. Now creator Sherwood Schwartz has signed up for the movie version. When asked about the film Schwartz quipped: "I can't take this much excitement at my age." (He's 92).

The Thick of It 

Adapted from The Thick Of It, In The Loop was pretty good.

The movie In The Loop was adapted from the critically acclaimed Armando Iannucci BBC show The Thick Of It. It starred Peter Capaldi (aka, Doctor Who) as Malcolm Tucker, the spin doctor from hell, who heads to the States for a war of words. We thought it was pretty good, but no patch on the series. Could we get another film please Mr Iannucci? Thanks!

The A Team 

The 2010 A Team movie didn't have any of the original cast.

There was an A Team movie back in 2010, but it didn’t have any of the original cast. We thought that was a great shame – if Mr T isn’t involved, informing us of his desire to not board a plane, it isn’t really The A Team!


A Dallas film, there've been rumours.

There've been more rumours about a Dallas film than Sue Ellen's had hot toddies. Actors including John Travolta, Jennifer Lopez, Shirley MacLaine and Luke Wilson have all been linked with a movie that, currently, seems unlikely to happen. Boo.

Paddington Bear

The movie brought Paddington to a whole new generation.

The marmalade-munching bear has recently seen a reincarnation thanks to a big screen make-over. Directed by Paul King and starring Ben Whishaw as the eponymous bear, the movie brought Paddington to a whole new generation of kiddies. 

Buck Rogers 

A live-action film version of Buck Rogers directed by Frank Miller.

Back in the 70s and 80s, Buck Rogers was a major fictional character, appearing in movies, comics and on the telly. Now, Sin City director Frank Miller has been mooted as heading a live-action film version of the tale of a US army pilot who finds himself in the 25th Century. Will it capture the hearts of the original fans? We certainly hope so!

Avatar: The Last Airbender 

Failed to strike the right note with fans.

We sure do love the element-bending antics of Aang. But M Night Shyamalan’s recent movie version of the beloved anime series failed to strike the right note with fans. We guess Mr Shyamalan should stick to twists, rather than bends… 

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

A small screen movie that had everything that made the TV series great.

This one wasn’t a big screen movie, but a small screen movie. CSI concluded with a big and bombastic two hour TV movie that left fans speechless. With explosions, casinos, and romance, it had everything that made the TV series great. Good work guys!

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