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Could you make a mint with Star Wars memorabilia?



Do you, like us, have a vast amount of old Star Wars memorabilia sitting in your study? Do you need to make some quick cash? Then act now! With the new Star Wars films coming out, there’s never been a better time to cash in and sell your old Star Wars merch. Could you make a mint? Let’s find out. 




Darth Vader 

Darth Vader figurine in packaging

Everyone’s favourite dark lord.

What is it? It’s everyone’s favourite dark lord! The figurine depicting the asthmatic Sith Lord Darth Vader is one of the Holy Grails for Star Wars collectors, providing it’s one of the originals, and still in its box.


What affects the price? It needs to be in good condition, as you might expect. And if you’ve got one with a rare telescoping light-sabre, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


Possible price: Around £5,000.


Luke Skywalker and Tauntaun figurines in packaging

Hoth-dwelling snow creatures.

What is it? These Hoth-dwelling snow creatures stick in the mind of many fans, mostly because of the scene where Han Solo saved Luke Skywalker’s life by stuffing him inside one.


What affects the price? Even with packaging the Tauntaun doesn’t have the sort of attraction that a Boba Fett or a Darth Vadar has. But if you’ve got a soft belly version you might get a few quid for it.


Possible price: Around £50 in a box.

Boba Fett

Boba Fett figurine

An amoral bounty hunter.

What is it? An amoral bounty hunter, Boba Fett has an incredibly high number of fans given how little screen time he got. Must be that mask of his.


What affects the price? He has to be mint condition, and if he’s in a box, all the better.


Possible price: Around £2,000 in mint condition.

"Monkey-face" Leia 

Leia figurine in packaging

The famous princess with an unusual facelift.

What is it? The famous princess. With an unusual facelift. In 1995 many of the original trilogy action figures were reissued. Among them was this figure showing a less-than-attractive model of Princess Leia.


What affects the price? Because the figures were so ugly, they were snapped up by collectors assuming they’d be rare. Sadly this isn’t the case and examples are still selling on eBay for very little.


Possible price: About £3. If you’re lucky. 

Star Wars Lego

Star Wars Lego

There have been several popular Star Wars Lego games and Lego sets.

What is it? One of the many surprises of Star Wars merchandise is how well it’s mixed with other toy genres. Star Wars has mixed especially well with Lego, spawning several popular Star Wars Lego games and Lego sets.


What affects the price? Clearly the current popularity and demand for Star Wars Lego toys means a collectors’ market is developing. However it’s still too soon to start selling, so keep looking for limited edition sets and flog them on eBay in ten or twenty years.


Possible price: Still available in shops from around £5.

The dodgy Wampa 

Wampa and Luke Skywalker figurines in packaging

The monstrous hairy creature.

What is it? Luke Skywalker had a run in with this monstrous hairy creature on Hoth, where he had to use the force to give it the sushi treatment. This Kenner 1997 figure shows the Wampa and Luke locked in mortal combat.


What affects the price? For some reason this version of the toy had a series of yellow marks across the Wampa’s fur, making it look a little bit incontinent. Hey, we’d be the same if faced with a lightsabre wielding Luke Skywalker.


Possible price: Despite the unique markings, you’re still looking at around $70 (£42) for this particular piece of toy history.

Millennium Falcon 

Millennium Falcon Spaceship model packaging

Han Solo’s iconic spaceship.

What is it? Han Solo’s iconic spaceship, famous throughout the Galaxy for having done the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs. This toy version released in 1979 was 23 inches long and featured many small details from the original film version.


What affects the price? Because there are so many small pieces, including a swivelling laser canon, all the pieces need to still be attached for you to have a hope of reaching the top price.


Possible price: £2,000.

Luke Skywalker 

Luke Skywalker figurine

The one and only.

What is it? The one, the only, the legendary Luke Skywalker. This is the 3¾ inch collectors' figure first released by Kenner when the original trilogy came out. (And is it just us, or does he look more like He-Man than Mark Hamill?)


What affects the price? Later Skywalker figures didn’t have a distinctive two-piece lightsabre and therefore do not fetch such a high price. You gotta have the original.


Possible price: Up to £3,000 for a boxed example in mint condition.



The small, shuffling merchants who roamed the galaxy.

What is it? The Jawa were the small, shuffling merchants who roamed the galaxy trading broken robots for cash and shouting "UTINI!" every so often. The original action figures of the Jawa are worth big money.


What affects the price? The key is to have the ones with a vinyl cape. These are so valuable that there are many frauds on the market, and there are even in-depth collector’s guides which tell you how to spot the authentic ones.


Possible price: A boxed version - with cape, unlike the one pictured - will fetch over $2,000 on the American market. That would certainly have us yelling “UTINI!”

Star Wars props 


Fancy a swatch of the fabric used to make Chewbacca’s costume?

What is it? Another rich area for Star Wars merchandise is the original props that were used in the movies. Props such as the TIE fighter models used in the film have sold for up to $350,000.


What affects the price? While some props like lightsabres and space ships have obvious collectors value, others are less appealing. Fancy a swatch of the fabric used to make Chewbacca’s costume?


Possible price: Depending on how random the prop is, you could pick something up for around £50 and start your own collection.

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