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Bad-ass Gangster Moments

Bad-ass Gangster Moments



From Scorsese to Tarantino, gangster films have delivered some of film’s most memorable moments. To celebrate the release of Legend available now on Virgin Movies, we look back at some of film’s most memorable gangster scenes.  




Ronnie Kray Wants a Proper Shoot Out (Legend, 2015)

Bad-ass Gangster Moments

The Hardy boys make an impression as the Kray twins in Legend

In this standout scene from The Krays biopic Legend, the Richardson’s are otherwise engaged and send a firm of heavies to meet with Ronnie and Reggie in an East End pub. When one of the men presents what Ronnie describes as a rolling pin he can’t hide his disappointment. “I came here for a shootout, a proper shootout with some men” he rants before storming out of the pub only to return moments later with two hammers.

Tony Montana “Say Hello to My Little Friend” (Scarface, 1983)

Bad-ass Gangster Moments

The poster on countless of students’ walls the world over

It may be one of the most over-quoted catchphrases in movie history but when it comes out of Tony Montana’s mouth it is forever cool. When Scarface comes to its bloody climax, a drug fuelled Tony Montana (Al Pacino) grabs his rifle and repeatedly shoots at his enemy shouting at the top of his voice “say hello to my little friend.”

Frank White’s You’re Welcome (King of New York, 1990)

Bad-ass Gangster Moments

Vote Frank White for Mayor

Christopher Walken proves why Frank White is the King of New York in this iconic scene. Frank rocks up to a rival mobster’s poker game ready to lay down the law. When his rival doesn’t take too kindly to Frank’s demands, Frank whips out a gun and shoots him dead. “You’re welcome” he shouts at the unsuspecting players “You’re all welcome.”

Mr Blonde likes that (Reservoir Dogs, 1992)

Bad-ass Gangster Moments

The last guy you want to get stuck in the middle with

In this classic Tarentino scene from Reservoir Dogs, Officer Nash witnesses first-hand how truly psychotic Mr Blonde can be. Nash foolishly says, “You can torture me all you want” to which Blonde replies, “Torture you. I like that.” The ear cutting scene that follows is one of the film’s most graphic moments and was full on enough for the BBFC to deny the film a video release until 1995, three years after its theatrical release.

Vincent and Jules preach Ezekiel (Pulp Fiction, 1994)

Bad-ass Gangster Moments

Righteous men

In true badass form, Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta give Brett (Frank Whaley) what-for in this iconic scene from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Before now Jules and Vincent have been portrayed as shady characters but this is our first glimpse at them as violent gangsters.  In true gangster style Jules recites Ezekiel 25:17 while pumping Brett full of lead: “And you will know my name is the Lord and I lay my vengeance upon thee.”

Vito Corleone makes an offer you can’t refuse (The Godfather, 1972)

Bad-ass Gangster Moments

If the offer is “unlimited ice cream”, then yes please!

Francis Ford Coppola’s classic includes so many memorable moments it’s hard to pick a favourite, but up there with the best is Vito Corleone’s power of persuasion. When Vito takes a moment out of his daughter’s wedding to talk shop with his godson, Johnny Fontane tells him of a movie role he is desperate to bag. With a confidence that makes him one of the greatest gangsters of all time, Don Vito tells Johnny he will get that role in Mr. Waltz’s picture. How you might ask? By making him an offer he can’t refuse of course.

Johnny Boy makes his grand entrance (Mean Streets, 1973)

Bad-ass Gangster Moments

When I’m in the club, come give me a hug

While Charlie pleads with God in Martin Scorsese’s Mean Streets, we first meet Johnny Boy (Robert Di Nero) in perhaps one of the coolest character introductions of all time. As the lighting turns the nightclub a demonic shade of red, Johnny Boy enters, wearing a bowler hat with a woman on each arm to the strains of The Rolling Stones’ Jumping Jack Flash.  Now that’s how you make an entrance.

Nicky Santoro loses it over a pen (Casino, 1995)

Bad-ass Gangster Moments

Nicky in quieter times

If there was ever a definition of ‘loose cannon’ it’s Nick Santoro. Nicky and Sam are enjoying a quiet drink in a bar when an argument breaks out with a punter over a pen. Irritated by the disrespect, Nicky, cool as a cucumber, grabs the pen and stabs it in the guy’s neck, over and over again.

Michael Corleone renounces Satan (The Godfather, 1972)

Bad-ass Gangster Moments

“I regret that the devil is being made redundant. He’ll be much missed”

No movie is complete without a montage and they don’t come greater than in The Godfather. As Michael Corleone publicly renounces Satan at his sons baptism Coppola expertly cuts to show the various hits the new Don has ordered on his family’s rivals. Bada-bong, bada-boom.

Henry Hill always wanted to be a gangster (Goodfellas, 1990)

Bad-ass Gangster Moments

I just found a gun in my frozen pizza. I think it was Goodfellas.

In the opening scene of the Academy Award winning film Goodfellas we are introduced to Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) and Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci). With his face lit up by a cars brake lights, Henry opens a car trunk to reveal a bloody body within, while Tommy frantically and repeatedly stabs the body Henry begins his voiceover, “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.”

Legend is available now on Virgin Movies, and on DVD and blu-ray from 25th January.

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