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Date My Mum

Preview: Date My MumThursday 21st January at 10pm on Channel 4 (CH 104)



Kids these days, eh? Always trying to help you find your one true soulmate in this big cold uncaring universe. Well, these kids are doing that anyway – but will they ensure Cupid’s arrow find its way?

In a nutshell

Back in the pre-Internet days, romance used to have a bit of a timer on it. A deadline. In one’s teens, 20s and early 30s, it was your job to find a mate amid the swarm of your friends and work colleagues and random people you might bump into on a night out. But then, once you hit a certain age – the age where your social circle became set and unchanging, and you didn’t go out partying as much as you used to – opportunities dried up. Short of making awkward flirtation at the bus stop, it would have been hard to find “true love”.

Well thanks to the web, and the plethora of dating sites, you can now keep trying your luck with an inexhaustible selection of candidates for ever and ever. And thanks to the web we have this programme following two single mums who are having another go at dating, courtesy of their kids who’ve put their profiles up online. Not only that, but they’ll also be INTERVIEWING the prospective boyfriends. Do these blokes have any idea what they’ve signed up for? 

What's the verdict?

Featuring the surreal and hilarious sight of a 12-year-old girl brutally interrogating grown men on their intentions towards her mum, this promises to be an absolutely must-watch take on dating in the machine age. 

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