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Preview: Mary Berry’s FoolproofMonday 25th January at 8.30pm on BBC Two (CH 102)



Cooking a celebratory dinner and don’t want to simply resort to the “posh” items in the ready meal aisle? Mary Berry is back to ensure you don’t end up with a culinary carnage on your hands. 

In a nutshell

Has Mary Berry officially stolen Delia’s crown as the nation’s favourite cooking matriarch? Yes, we know technically she’s been around for as long as Ms Smith, but – despite her succession of cook books and previous telly appearances – Mary only really became a household name with Bake Off, and she’s now a national institution right up there with Dame Maggie Smith, Adele, and chicken tikka masala. She’s also the coolest granny on the planet. Seriously, have you seen how she dresses? She puts hipsters to shame.

And now she’s back with a brand new show, which aims to take the stress out of cooking. Yes, we know most telly cooks promise to do that, but Mary really manages it thanks to her reassuring tones and reassuringly calm, halting manner. First up, celebratory food to impress friends and family with, from the very do-able (salmon with herbs and red pepper) to the really extravagant. Lobster tails with aioli, anyone?

What's the verdict?

Tickling our fancies in her inimitable, gentle style, this is a lovely antidote to the more frenetic or pretentious cookery shows (we’re looking at you, Oliver and Lawson). Put a cuppa on and enjoy.

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