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Preview: ShetlandFriday 15th January at 9pm on BBC One (CH 101)



Douglas Henshall is back as windswept detective Jimmy Perez, taking on the mean streets of Shetland. Well, "mean fields" doesn't have quite the same ring, does it?

In a nutshell

Alan Partridge aficianados will remember the great man once pitched an idea for a show called "Swallow", about the toughest detective in Norwich. It niftily satirised the paucity of imagination in the whodunit genre, where a brand new locale is all the excuse programme makers need to give us yet another detective series. So we can scoff at Shetland, with its far-reaching setting and comically bland title.

But… it works. Closed community? Ominous empty skies? Rugged coastline? That's detective heaven, right there. The show returns tonight with DI Jimmy Perez and his cabal of coppers dealing with the case of a passenger who goes missing on the Aberdeen to Shetland ferry. Unsurprisingly, things get far darker and more grisly than that, fast. Look out for veteran star of the big screen, Ciaran Hinds, in the mix somewhere.

What's the verdict?

Undemanding detective fare which will reinvent no wheels and shatter no earth. But when a show looks this handsome, it doesn't really matter. And the Shetland setting makes a welcome change from Midsomer.

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