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The Jihadis Next Door

Preview: The Jihadis Next DoorTuesday 19th January at 9pm on Channel 4 (CH 104)



Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about homicidal religious extremism but were afraid to ask – that’s what documentary maker Jamie Roberts will be serving up in this must-watch film.

In a nutshell

Islamists, Jihadis… call them what you like, but – depending on which pundit you want to align yourself with – they’re either an existential threat to Western civilisation, or just a bunch of errant, home-grown thugs whose influence will eventually wither away. Well, here’s a film that steps behind the smug newspaper articles and reactionary blogs, and reveals the real people behind the Islamist masks.

Filmmaker Jamie Roberts spent a whopping two years among Britain’s most notorious fundamentalists, chronicling their everyday lives. The mundane moments as well as their casual, but ceaseless, propagation of hate. That would have been fascinating enough, but it turns out Roberts was onto a bigger story than even he knew. Because one of his subjects – a delightful chap named Abu Rumaysah – is currently one of the world’s most wanted men, and thought to be behind an IS atrocity. How are men like him slowly grooming and manipulating young Muslims in this country? You’re about to find out.

What's the verdict?

Remember what Nick Ross used to say at the end of Crimewatch? “Don’t have nightmares.” Well, we’re afraid such a reassurance won’t apply here. This won’t be easy watching, but it is utterly essential. 

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