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Preview: Tigerfish: Africa’s Piranha

Preview: Tigerfish: Africa’s PiranhaSunday 17th January at 8pm on Animal Planet (CH 256)



Until now, the only “extreme angler” we’ve spent quality time with on telly has been Robson Green. But that’s about to change, as we head out with Andy Coetzee. 

In a nutshell

Fish aren’t generally known as fearsome. Some are pretty ugly (think monkfish, with their vast flattened grumpy faces), some can be rather hefty (think tuna fish), but scary? Only one fish – the piranha – elicits universal trepidation among non-zoologists, and that’s all down to sensationalist stories and some rather tacky B-movies. Well, prepare to have your preconceptions changed with this documentary, which will reveal a type of sea creature even more ominous: the goliath tigerfish.

Found lurking in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it’s an incredibly predatory critter with the kind of face you’d see in your nightmares. Plus, there are reports of the tigerfish actually attacking human beings. Naturally enough, this makes it prime fodder for this kind of documentary, but will Andy Coetzee succeed in getting up close and personal without having various body parts nipped off?

What's the verdict?

Sharks and piranha fish are so last century – it’s time to get afraid of something entirely new. Dare you go for a dip?

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