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Amazon’s Electric Fish

Review: Amazon’s Electric FishAired Monday 18th January at 8pm on Nat Geo Wild (CH 264) | Rating: ★★★



We went for a dip with some literally shocking animals in this eye-opening documentary, which will make you think twice about ever paddling in the Amazon. Because that’s what you always wanted to do, right?

In a nutshell

Amazon’s Electric Fish? No, don’t worry – the online shopping behemoth hasn’t just unleashed a new, terrifying sort of underwater delivery drone on the world. This programme’s title was intended to be taken very literally. We were in the Amazon. And there were electric fish. Yes, amid the gurgling muddy waterways and lush floodplains, there exist sea creatures which are capable of Marvel-like superheroics, from exerting a form of remote control on each other to emitting sharp electric shocks which could kill a human.

Fascinating stuff, in other words, and even the more mundane bits of trivia were pretty cool. For example, did you know electric eels aren’t actually eels? They’re more like a type of carp. Also, the “electric cells” they contain have a pretty awesome name – electrocytes – which are essentially like very, very small batteries. Very, very small batteries that can become instantly weaponized to deploy the bursts of electric fury. Look out for the sequel documentary: Amazon’s Electric Fury. (Only joking. That isn’t actually happening. Though it probably will, let’s face it.) 

What's the verdict?

Wading into the mud and murk of the Amazon, this documentary got its hands dirty to get us close and very personal to these electrifying critters. Consider us aglow with knowledge. 

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