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Review: Madam Secretary

Review: Madam SecretaryAired Wednesday 27th January at 9pm on Sky Living (CH 111) | Rating: ★★★★



Hillary Clinton may have a way to go yet, but last night we caught a glimpse of a female US president as our heroine Elizabeth McCord found herself promoted to the highest office in the land. Not exactly a regular day at work, then. 

In a nutshell

OK, so Madam Secretary isn’t quite House of Cards. It certainly doesn’t feature too many wry fourth-wall-breaking asides to the camera, and is significantly lower on the queasy Macbeth-like malevolence. But it still ticks all the boxes when it comes to cunning political machinations and shots of really cool people talking about important stuff while striding down corridors. So we were glad to see it back last night, and what a way to kick off a second season, with an episode directed by Morgan Freeman. The iconic actor even had a cameo as the eminent judge who swore Elizabeth McCord in as President of the United States.

Yep. It happened. A temporary measure, but even so… When contact with Air Force One was lost, and the Vice President wound up in hospital, it was Elizabeth who found herself next in line for succession. Cue fascinating scenes like her being given the lowdown on nuclear codes. Of course, it turned out that it was a mere communications fault with Air Force One, and the president was safe and sound. And yet, there was a final twist: the technical glitch was revealed to be a deliberate virus attack. Translation: someone is at war with the United States. Crumbs.

What's the verdict?

A plush and polished and very grown-up new drama about power struggles, secret deals and sinister conspiracies at the highest levels of government, this should be everyone’s new TV addiction. It’s just a shame it can’t be binge-watched, eh…

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