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Review: Rugged Justice

Review: Rugged JusticeAired Friday 15th January at 8pm on Animal Planet (CH 257) | Rating: ★★★½



It may sound like a 90s film starring Steven Seagal, but this gutsy documentary is about very different kinds of heroes trudging their way through the wilds of Washington state. 

In a nutshell

You know, there’s a tendency for Europeans to scoff about the apparent fact that most Americans don’t own passports. Ho ho, we think, as we marvel at their narrow minds and lack of international travel ambitions. But shows like Rugged Justice remind us that the United States is such an epic and multifaceted nation, with urban sprawls nestled amid such natural grandeur, that it’s no wonder they can’t be bothered to leave. Why should they, when their country is a whole sprawling world within itself?

Last night we went amid craggy mountain nooks, squelchy forest pathways, and other terrain that Bear Grylls might call home. In fact, there was an actual bear in the works as well, as officers of the Department of Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Program tried to get a big lumbering critter back to his right habitat. As an almost comical counterpoint to this fearsome task, they also had to deal with ducklings in a storm drain, which was really rather cute, while humans were also a cause for concern when they came down hard on a foolish drink-driver. Rugged justice indeed.

What's the verdict?

If there's one thing TV isn't short on, it's shows about grizzled men doing tough jobs in wild places. But that's because "grizzled", "tough" and "wild" equal reliably entertaining telly, which is exactly what this is. 

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