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Review: Sugar Free Farm

Review: Sugar Free FarmAired Tuesday 26th January at 8pm on ITV (CH 103) | Rating: ★★★



Elsewhere, celebs are getting elbow-deep in icing for the Great Sport Relief Bake Off, but here on ITV we have the exact opposite: famous faces cutting sugar out of their lives completely. Talk about getting mixed messages from our TV overlords…

In a nutshell

Remember back in the day, when fat was the big dastardly threat to our health? Ah, how prehistoric that seems now. Fat has since had the unlikeliest redemption arc since Darth Vader. These days, we’re all about “paleo food” and “eating clean” and gleefully tucking into fatty meats while simultaneously scowling at the rice on the side. Yep: carbs are evil. And the evillest of all evils is sugar.

Hence this show, which sees people technically described as celebrities (Jennifer Ellison, Rory McGrath, James “Arg” Argent, etc etc) spending two weeks on a farm with none of the bad white stuff to be found anywhere. Instead, they’ll be learning how to adapt to a virtuous diet AND do things like milk buffalo and grow vegetables. All of which is much easier said than done, with Jennifer Ellison getting struck by a sugar-crash headache almost immediately, while the other won’t be faring too well either. Life is sweet? Not anymore.

What's the verdict?

OK, so the most famous person involved in this show is the unseen narrator Olivia Colman. But it still promises to be an interesting look at just how people’s bodies cope when the supply of sugar is ruthlessly cut off. Looks like all those comparisons with crack aren’t quite so outlandish after all…

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