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The Night Shift

Review: The Night ShiftAired Tuesday 12th January at 9pm on Sony (193) | Rating: ★★



Eoin Macken rocked a dodgy Texas accent and an even dodgier haircut as the heartthrob medic in a new medical drama which feels like every other medical drama, literally ever.

In a nutshell

Here’s what’s original about The Night Shift: it’s set in Texas. San Antonio, to be specific. This means there’s an emphasis on war veterans and army medics. Other than that, there is absolutely nothing original about The Night Shift. It is a medical drama cobbled together out of other medical dramas, a merry mash-up of ER and Grey’s Anatomy. A show so gruellingly familiar you might very well suffer Vietnam-style flashbacks while watching it. (Not really. But sort of.)

If Grey’s isn’t enough, then… yep, this could be what the doctor ordered.

The characters are all “types”. Our hero, TC, is the rogue with a heart of gold. We know this because he wears a leather jacket, rides a motorbike and has shaggy hair, but is also handy when it comes to heroically saving lives in the nick of time. His obvious love interest, Jordan, is super-competent, and they spark off against each other. Except they don’t really, because of the serious chemistry-deficit between them. Meanwhile, there are other stock characters like the harassed manager who does stuff his colleagues don’t agree with, and the hot intern, and… oh, you get the picture. Some of the actual medical scenes were OK, though. We can give it that.

What's the verdict?

Well, this isn’t a show that’ll set pulses racing, but we mustn’t grumble TOO much. Because, if you’re hopelessly addicted to glossy medical dramas and Grey’s isn’t enough, then… yep, this could be what the doctor ordered.

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