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2016: A royal year for telly!

2016: A royal year for telly!The Royals – series 2 premiere! | Wednesdays, 9pm, E! Entertainment (CH 156)



Whether they’re getting married, having bonny babies or looking like they’ve just stepped onto a catwalk, the monarchy has never been hotter property. So it’s no wonder that TV is  taking the royals to their hearts for 2016. After all, we need a new heir to the best new drama title now Downton Abbey has dearly departed.

But while Wolf Hall might have piqued our interest in the secrets of kings and queens, we think it’s clear which show really started it all: The Royals. Following a fictional British monarchy who misbehave so badly you’ll question what they’re teaching at Eton these days, it stars Elizabeth Hurley as the Queen (who else?); head of a riotous family who just can’t handle the fame, wealth and privilege their status affords them.

Season 2 lands on E! this week and it’s packed with royal titles in jeopardy and more than one scheming play for power. It’s like a naughty sneak peek into the most private of private lives. And it’s gloriously captivating. But it’s not the only royal show this year. We run down the top shows to add to your WishList™ now…

The Royals

1. The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses

If you prefer your sovereign dramas complete with period costume, then Benedict Cumberbatch as the dark and devious King Richard III in the return of The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses series on BBC Two will be right up your street. This adaptation of Shakespeare’s grisly, gritty play has Dame Judi Dench and Keeley Hawes (Line Of Duty) rounding out the cast, making this the starriest history lesson you’ll have had in ages. And with Hollywood calling him every five minutes (we imagine), it might be Cumberbatch’s last TV outing before Sherlock eventually returns to our screens.

2. Versailles

It’s not just Oscar-nominated actors getting in on royally good dramas. Versailles, coming to BBC Two later this year, is set to introduce you not only to the reign of French King Louis XIV (a wily fellow who knew exactly how to court his country) but also to the actor playing him: George Blagden. You might have glimpsed him in Les Miserables and Wrath of the Titans, but Blagden’s new role as the Sun King will see him sticking around for much bigger things.

3. The Crown

The TV powers clearly know that it’s not just fictional royal courts we’re interested in, so it’s a very different side to our own Queen Elizabeth II on show in The Crown, a new Netflix original coming soon. The series begins as she becomes “her majesty” and looks at how that impacted on her life as a wife and mother. Claire Foy (Wolf Hall) takes the lead, with Matt Smith (Doctor Who) as the inimitable Duke of Edinburgh. This is guaranteed to be majestic. See for yourself in this clip!

4. Victoria

From the Doctor to his assistant, it seems everyone wants to try the crown on for size. Jenna Coleman is graduating to a serious dramatic lead in Victoria this summer, as the lush ITV drama charts the early life of our second-longest serving monarch, a queen at only 18 years of age. With Tom Hughes (Dancing On The Edge) as her husband Prince Albert, it’s the beginning of one of Britain’s longest rules and greatest royal love stories.

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