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5 TV sitcoms that need a movie reboot

5 TV sitcoms that need a movie reboot



Permission to speak sir?  I bring you an urgent dispatch – the Walmington-on-Sea home guard have got the silver-screen treatment! Beloved Brit-com Dad’s Army marches on to Sky Cinema this week, featuring a shiny new cast to protect Britain’s shores in the hilarious TV-to-Movie adaptation.  Toby Jones brilliantly fills the boots of the buffoonish Captain Mainwaring to lead his geriatric platoon against the threat of Nazi invaders, not-so-ably joined by the likes of Michael Gambon (Harry Potter), Bill Nighy (Love Actually) and The Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison as bumbling Private Pike.  To celebrate the big-screen reboot of the celebrated sitcom, we had a poke around the TV schedules to find a few ideas of where Hollywood could turn to next…At ease!


Last of the Summer Wine

Cast: Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon

The Pitch: A spiritual (or literal, depending on studio in-fighting) sequel to both Alexander Payne’s Sideways and Michael Winterbottom’s The Trip, this years-down-the-line road trip movie would find cinema’s favourite wine connoisseurs/snobs taking to the road on a final, bombastic vino tour around the world’s quaff-iest establishments after discovering they all suffer from a terminal grape allergy.

Father Ted vs. The Vicar of Dibley

Cast: Nick Offerman, Melissa McCarthy

The Pitch: Hey, if it worked for Batman and Superman we guarantee a Versus style sitcom Battle Royal will do wonders for generating media buzz around the resurgence of two of the greatest Biblical comedies ever made. Cast two stone-cold comedy geniuses (Park & Recreation’s Offerman and Spy’s McCarthy) for a showdown sparked by an ‘ecumenical clerical matter’ that forces them to co-habit the parochial house of Ireland’s windswept Craggy Island. Part Home Alone, part Bruce Almighty and 100% LOL, this would be a comedy battle for the ages.

‘Allo ‘Allo

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Tim Roth, Jennifer Lawrence

The Pitch: Quentin Tarantino has been talking about doing an Inglourious Basterds prequel. And we all know how much he enjoys subverting expectations. So how about the Beeb gives him the keys to the ‘Allo ‘Allo castle, and he spins the story of a besieged German-occupied small town French cafe and the conspiratorial shenanigans that occur right below the Nazis’ noses. Starring his usual list of suspects, along with J-Law (who narrowly missed out on the role in The Hateful Eight) as leader of the local French Resistance, Michelle (AKA ‘The One With The Big ‘Ooter).

Mrs Brown’s Boys

Cast: Judi Dench, Eddie Redmayne, Brendan O’Carroll

The Pitch: Bear with us for a minute. Sure, Mrs Brown’s Boys is still on the air, and sure, 2014 saw the release of a movie that, while reviled by critics, was adored by fans. But we’ve come up with a way to please both. Re-imagine MBB as an awards-bothering Philomena-esque drama, full of tortured human angst and a powerful matriarch at the helm. Judi Dench would star as the titular Brown, searching for her long-lost children. Cast O’Carroll as a cameo supporting role, and everyone’s a winner.

One Foot in the Grave

Cast: Ryan Reynolds

The Pitch: Reynolds bring his experience of on-screen gallows humour (Deadpool) and coffin-napping (Buried) to the fore with a dark comedy action adventure in which a terminally ill hitman uses his own gravestone to bump off his enemies on a final mission of assassin vengeance.

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