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8 BRIT predictions

8 BRIT predictions



The BRIT Awards are back! Promising performances from Rihanna, Adele, Justin Bieber and Coldplay, plus a special tribute to David Bowie, it’s going to be hands down the best thing about February. But what makes the BRITs the best music awards on planet Earth? It’s genuinely not about the winning, it’s all about the taking part – whether that be by descending from the ceiling in a neon UFO, crashing the stage just because you feel like it, or throwing shade at a rival band. These are the moments that go down in award show history. Winning’s great and all, but it’s not really what we tune in for. We’ve put together a smattering of predictions for what we think will go down at this year’s awards…

Ant and Dec master the art of the selfie

They managed to royally mess it up last year, when attempting to go in for a suave selfie with Kim Kardashian. This year, they will have workshopped it, done a dress rehearsal in front of a tween test group and hopefully read the feedback forms. We believe in you, chaps.

Adele sticks it to the man, again

Her last BRITs appearance didn’t end well, after she was cut off mid-acceptance speech. Four years later, and the “Hello” singer is returning to the stage to perform. But if we know our Adele like we think we do, she isn’t a pushover. She’s had four years out of the limelight to have some “family time”, aka a chance to plot her revenge.

Jarvis Cocker’s The Invasion: Part II

The first instalment in the franchise was during Michael Jackson’s 1996 performance. As it’s the twentieth anniversary, and Justin Bieber is set to perform, we expect a sequel is in the works.

More so-wrong-it’s-right matchmaking

If the BRITs was a dating service, we’re not convinced it would find you the love of your life. But it would guarantee you a fun night out. This year, the tradition of obscure matches is bound to continue.

Remember when Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood and model Samantha Fox co-hosted in 1989, leading to missed cues, wrongly timed stage entries, and glorious, glorious chaos? And no one can forget the most 90s thing that ever happened, when Billie Piper, B*Witched, Steps and Cleopatra did an ABBA tribute.

Coldplay feat. Reggie ‘N’ Bollie anyone?

Oasis finally kiss and make up

The 90s BRIT Awards were a series of unfortunate events for the Gallagher brothers, who managed to upset Michael Hutchence, Blur, Robbie Williams and each other. With the family feud still ongoing, we think this is the year to bury the hatchet. Preferably on stage, with Jeremy Kyle mediating.

Someone beats Kanye’s record for most backing singers

Last year, Kanye West performed with about 52,000 British grime artists. This year, we think Canadian R’n’B singer The Weeknd will top that, maybe with the entirety of Gareth Malone’s Naked Choir?

A strict no cape policy

Health and Safety must have been super worried last year after Madonna was yanked off stage by her cape due to a Velcro mishap. Come 2016, all capes, or other dangling garments, are a no-no. This includes kimonos, tailcoats and hair extensions.

Little Mix dress up as sweets

Bit of a peculiar one, but stick with it. The BRITs knows how to go all out on staging. And by all out, we mean all the way out there. From The Scissor Sisters’ 2005 dancing farmyard, complete with watermelon backing singers, to Lady Gaga’s cream puff red carpet look, the bar has been set pretty high. With Little Mix set to perform, we demand they dress up as actual little pick’n’mix. Woolworths would be so proud.


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