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A beginner’s guide to Deadpool

A beginner’s guide to Deadpool



Since we’re so used to superhero movies being greenlit years in advance, the long-gestating Deadpool is something of a rarity. Ryan Reynolds has been trying to get it made for over a decade and it’s finally available on Sky Cinema from Monday 26th December. But who is Deadpool and how does he fit in with the many cinematic superheroes we all know so well? To help you get to speed with the ‘merc with a mouth’, here’s a beginner’s guide to Deadpool.

Who is Wade Wilson?

Like many comic book characters, Wade Winston Wilson’s background is subject to change and due to a mental condition he’s unaware of his personal history himself. Some series’ say he’s the already-insane son of a war hero and in other, villain Loki claimed to be his father, so who knows? But in the movie, Wilson is a former Special Forces operative with cancer who signs up for an experiment in order to cure his disease. 

Who is Deadpool?

As always, the experiment doesn’t go as planned and after undergoing the regenerative mutation he gains accelerated healing superpowers along with an immunity to diseases. Unfortunately he’s also badly scarred and a little bit more insane than he was before. His powers are pretty standard, but what makes Deadpool different to other superheroes from the Marvel Universe is he knows he is a fictional superhero and frequently uses this knowledge to his advantage while breaking the fourth wall for several pop culture gags. The movie’s trailers show that this is the tone the certificate 15 film will have, and Reynolds himself has said that Deadpool even makes jokes about the actor and the failure of 2011’s The Green Lantern. 


Did someone say Chimichanga?

Why was the reaction to his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine so poor?

Even those with short memory will remember that Deadpool has been on the big screen before. Hopes were high for 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine but it turned out to not only be a bit of a dud, but the catalyst for intense online rage. The classic black and red costume was abandoned along with all of the personality traits that make him who he is; an unfortunate ending to the cruel tease that was his first scene. Reynolds nailed the humour and general badassery, but after disappearing for about an hour, the Deadpool that emerged was not the Deadpool fans knew. They gave him powers similar to Cyclops, had his personality erased and therefore never broke the fourth wall. But worst of all, they sewed his mouth shut, thus robbing him of any opportunity to be hilarious. Some people defend Wolverine’s first solo outing, bit those people definitely aren’t Deadpool fans. 

Why did it take so long to get Deadpool made?

Long before fans were disappointed with his first cinematic appearance, Artisan Entertainment struck a deal in 2000 with Marvel to co-produce, finance and release a Deadpool movie and four years later New Line Cinema attempted to do the same with Davis S. Goyer in line to direct. While Wolverine was in production, Fox considered a spin-off with Reynolds starring but after several script edits and deals falling through, it looked like it was never going to happen. That all changed in 2014 when test footage filmed two years previous was leaked online (Note: Reynolds asserts it was not him) and the reaction was so overwhelmingly positive that Fox greenlit the movie within 24 hours. 

The perfect date movie

Cool story, bro

Why it’s one of the most anticipated movies of the year

Eleven years in the making and fan hysteria doesn’t usually mean guaranteed financial success, and nobody knows at the moment whether Deadpool will get anywhere near his Marvel contemporaries in the box office stakes, but we do know that Fox has nailed the marketing so well people who know nothing about the character are interested. Reynolds has been promoting the film like crazy both on Twitter and for the world’s press, but where it has exceeded (so far) is nailing the tone and humour in trailers and adverts. From the emoji billboard (Patton Oswalt: “Idiotic but brilliant”) to the fake posters fooling people into thinking it’s a movie suitable for Valentine’s Day (“True love never dies”), every piece of marketing has been brilliant. 


The perfect date movie

How does he fit in with the X-Men and Marvel cinematic universe? 

Seeing as Fox own the movie rights to Deadpool we won’t be seeing him making fun of Spider-Man’s tights anytime soon, but rumour has it Fox have big plans for him and X-Men characters. Producer/writer Simon Kinberg said as much to IGN a few weeks ago: “The world of Deadpool, the world of Gambit exist in a post-Days of Future Past, post-Apocalypse world where all of these stories are the same as our shared history, the same way that each of us, of different ages, knows about Nixon and knows about Reagan and knows about 9/11, our fictitious events like the stadium dropping on the White House in 1973 is part of the world in which Gambit, Deadpool, everybody, Wolverine on forward exist.” In short: we’re probably gonna see Deadpool in an X-Men: Apocalypse post-credit sting. 

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