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Did you miss them first time round?

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We may still be feeling the wintry winds of February, but spring is fast approaching and with it comes the return of some of TV’s hottest dramas. Colourful period dramas that explore a changing world. Twisty-turny police investigations where the good guys aren’t what they seem. A prequel to one of the most talked-about US dramas of the the decade. And a dark superhero tale that goes deeper than most. Whether you want a reminder of these shows ahead of their upcoming new runs, or you missed out the first time and want to get up to speed, Virgin Media has got you covered.

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Indian Summers

What: Channel 4’s most expensive-ever drama, set in India in 1932

Who: Dame Julie Walters plays Cynthia Coffin, queen bee of the Royal Simla Club in the Himalayas, where British civil servants escape the summer heat. Series 2 sees Rachel Griffiths (Six Feet Under) join the cast – another mark of quality

When: Series 2 is coming soon. Make sure you don’t miss a minute by setting Series Link on your V+ or Virgin Media: TiVo® Service. Here’s how…

Where: Find series 1 in TV On Demand > All 4

Why: It’s cold and grey outside. Decamp to India for 10 glorious episodes of secrets, social unrest and forbidden love in a stunning setting. Vivid characters and eye-popping period detail will have you reaching for your parasol

Watch: If you like the Australian period drama A Place To Call Home (watch the entire first season on BBC iPlayer now) or you enjoy lavish morality tales like The Great Gatsby. Or if you’re in the mood for a saga which illuminates as well as entertains


What: In 50s Cambridgeshire, an Anglican vicar develops a knack for crime-fighting

Who: James Norton (Happy Valley) plays Reverend Sidney Chambers and teams up with Robson Green’s straight talking Detective Inspector Geordie Keating

When: Series 2 arrives in March. Make sure you don’t miss a minute by setting Series Link on your V+ or TiVo® box. Here’s how…

Where: Find series 1 exclusive to your package in TV On Demand > By Channel > ITV

Why: James Norton (telly’s most in-demand actor) showcases his versatility as a World War II veteran wrestling with matters of the heart and issues of faith. The bromance between Sidney and Geordie as they solve puzzling murders is a joy

Watch: If you like Murder, She Wrote, Sherlock or Lewis. Or if you’re in the mood for a period drama which is much less cosy than you’d think

Line Of Duty

What: Gripping, addictive drama exploring two murky cases for a police corruption unit

Who: Adrian Dunbar (Hear My Song), Vicky McClure (This Is England) and Martin Compston (Monarch Of The Glen) star as police officers investigating other officers

When: Series 3 is coming soon. Make sure you don’t miss a minute by setting Series Link on your V+ or TiVo box. Here’s how…

Where: Find series 1 and 2 on Netflix

Why: If you enjoy feeling your jaw constantly hitting the floor, then Line of Duty’s masterly plot twists are like catnip. Lennie James (The Walking Dead) and Keeley Hawes (Ashes To Ashes) are intensely watchable as the two cops under suspicion. You’ll be kept guessing

Watch: If you like Luther, Scott & Bailey and The Bridge. Or if you’re in the mood for being blown away by an intricately plotted, high stakes cop drama

Better Call Saul

What: One of the most hotly-anticipated prequels since The Phantom Menace

Who: Actor Bob Odenkirk skilfully explores the origins of Breaking Bad’s slimy lawyer Saul Goodman

When: Series 2 comes to Netflix from 16 February

Where: Find series 1 on Netflix

Why: Not all TV lawyers strut around glossy offices in power suits. This character study of how a small-time Albuquerque criminal lawyer called Jimmy McGill becomes an adviser to a drug kingpin is riveting and hilarious

Watch: If you like Breaking Bad or Fargo (also on Netflix). Or if you fancy a peek at the scuzzy underbelly of the American Dream

Marvel’s Daredevil

What: A blind, Catholic lawyer turns vigilante in a dark, gritty superhero story for grown-ups

Who: The charismatic British actor Charlie Cox (The Theory Of Everything) plays Matt Murdock, a hero who is eager to right some wrongs. Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket) is the main villain in season 1, with The Walking Dead’s Jon Bernthal lined up for series 2

When: Series 2 comes to Netflix from 18 March

Where: Find series 1 on Netflix

Why: Brutal, smart and edgy, this show isn’t a run-of-the-mill superhero tale. You’ll actually get to know the person behind the alter ego. Hell’s Kitchen more than lives up to its name here – and its traumatised citizens need a saviour…

Watch: If you like Gotham or Marvel’s Jessica Jones (also on Netflix). Or if you’d like to get to know one of the most intriguing yet under-the-radar heroes in the Marvel universe

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