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Everything you need to know about The X-Files reboot

Everything you need to know about The X-Files reboot



After a 14-year break from hunting aliens and sewer-dwelling mutant flukemen, The X-Files officially returns to Channel 5 at 9pm on Monday 8th February and there are SO many questions. So we got our resident X-phile to try and uncover the truth.

So, why is it back?

The X-Files’ original network, US channel Fox, appears to be having a bit of a revival at the moment, also resurrecting 24 for a reboot later this year. Considering The X-Files spawned nine seasons, two films, a spin-off series and countless nightmares and conspiracy theories, it was a bit of a no-brainer, really.

Original stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are both reprising their roles as FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, and a few other familiar faces will be popping up too.

Such as?

Mitch Pileggi is also returning as FBI Assistant Director Skinner, and has been bumped up to series regular and a spot in the new opening credits. We like to think it’s due to Pileggi’s sterling work revealing magic’s biggest secrets in Breaking The Magician’s Code.

What about Mr Stretchy Man?

Do you mean Eugene Victor Tooms, one of the series’ most iconic monsters who could stretch his body through narrow gaps and had an appetite for human livers? That guy? The actor who played him, Doug Hutchison, appeared in The Green Mile and Lost, but is better known these days as the slightly creepy guy who married his 16-year-old acting student despite a 34-year age gap. Tooms got squished by an escalator last time we saw him, so….no, probably not.

Always searching for the truth. And for whoever stole their chairs.

The Lone Gunmen?

We hate to tell you, but The Lone Gunmen died in the last series (and we’re not talking about their ill-fated spin-off either). The loveable conspiracy-obsessed trio sacrificed themselves to prevent a bioterrorist releasing a deadly virus so you’re welcome, Earth. However, this is The X-Files we’re talking about and as you should know by now, trust no one. It could be that they’re still alive, or even appear as ghosts. That’s already happened by the way (in the season finale in 2002): this IS The X-Files after all.

As you should know by now, trust no one

Will there be aliens?

Does Mulder look great in a pair of jeans? The answer to that is yes. It’d be pretty hard to imagine the new series ignoring their little grey friends, particularly now Mulder-esque paranoid theories are virtually mainstream. You don’t have to go into the basement of FBI headquarters to find UFO sightings on YouTube or a Tumblr attempting to prove that the Kardashians are a master race of aliens hell-bent on enslaving the world.

What we do know is that in the opening episode of the new series, Mulder makes a discovery linked to an alien abductee that shakes up his belief system and there are visits to secret warehouses, which are notorious hiding places for visitors from outer space.

Where did the last series leave off?

Way back in 2002, Mulder discovered secret plans for the final colonisation by alien forces which was scheduled for December 22nd, 2012 – you may remember that date as the day the world was supposed to end, according to the Mayan calendar. We’re going to go out on a limb and say that the alien invasion probably didn’t happen after all, considering the gang’s getting back together. Maybe the aliens forgot to set their alarm clocks.

Wasn’t there another film a short while ago?

Err, the less said about that, the better. I Want To Believe, released in 2008, was a critical and commercial flop, and dropped the familiar search for the truth in favour of a plot involving a disgraced priest (played by Billy Connolly) having premonitions. The best bit about it was that Mulder and Scully were living together, although we were left without a proper resolution.  

So are Mulder and Scully a couple in 2016?

Yes. No. Maybe. After seeing the first episode, it doesn’t appear that they are together any more, so hopefully creator Chris Carter can work back in the “will-they-won’t-they” angle that made the original series so frustratingly amazing. However, there is the thorny issue of Fox and Dana’s son that will need explaining.

There is the thorny issue of Fox and Dana’s son that will need explaining.

Wait, whut?

At the end of season 8, Scully gave birth to baby William in typical X-Files-mysterious fashion, as Scully had been told she was unable to have children. William was a miracle baby in more ways than one, being able to move his baby mobile with the power of his mind before he could even talk. 

Fox Mulder is just as confused as the rest of us at this point.

His dad must have LOVED that

It’s never been officially established that Mulder is William’s father as he didn’t appear in the eighth season, but all signs point to Mulder being the baby daddy. In order to save him from the bad guys, Scully gave William up for adoption in the final series, so he’d be 14 or 15 now, and is quite possibly part alien. Need we remind you again this is The X-Files?

What was Mulder doing during this time?

Apparently being experimented on by aliens. Seriously, he has the worst luck. Mulder disappeared at the end of series 7 (after David Duchovny left over a contract dispute) and then popped up mid-way through the next series, muttering something about ghosts and alien invasions, only to disappear and then resurface once more in the final series to wrap things up.

So what about the hybrids, clones, super-soldiers, bounty hunters, mutant bees, Mulder’s sister…?

OK, so The X-Files covered a lot of ground, and it got pretty complicated by the end. The new series is only six episodes, so that’s a lot to pack in. We want to believe we’ll get some answers, but only time will tell. If things go well and we get treated to a whole new era of The X-Files, we won’t want too many conspiracies to get tied up.

The X-Files returns to Channel 5 at 9pm on Monday 8th February.

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