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Review: Britain’s Weirdest Council Houses

Review: Britain’s Weirdest Council HousesAired Thursday 11th February at 10pm on Channel 4 (CH 104) | Rating: ★★★☆☆



Why make a home your castle when it can be so much more weird and wonderful than that? The people in this show knew that better than anyone, as they showcased their amazing abodes.

In a nutshell

OK, so the title of this show makes it sound… well, a bit naff. Or even exploitative (“Look at the strange silly council house people!”). But actually it was all rather good fun – think of it as a sort of irreverent, raspberry-blowing antidote to all those achingly sincere and lyrical design shows like Grand Designs and Amazing Spaces. Here, the designers of outrageous houses were just trying to please themselves and indulge their creative flamboyance, rather than “challenge” the prevailing aesthetics of living spaces.

And that’s why we had a home that looked like a merchant navy ship. A home that, by the way, was rather high up a block of flats in Portsmouth. A bit like the real-life equivalent of that bizarre ship-house thing in Mary Poppins, only without the exploding canons. Meanwhile, just as awesome, was the terraced house in Brighton which had been done up like the Sistine Chapel. We’re sure Michelangelo would have marvelled at it all.

What's the verdict?

Next time you’re thinking of doing some interior decorating and reckon that reaching for the yellow paint is pushing boundaries, just bear this lot in mind. Zany, bonkers and a bit brilliant – we salute them all.

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