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Review: China’s Lost Pyramids

Review: China’s Lost PyramidsAired Monday 1st February at 8pm on National Geographic (CH 266) | Rating: ★★★★



Think “pyramids” and places like Egypt and Mexico will probably spring to mind, but China? Oh yes. This documentary took us amid some of the magnificent man-made mountains still holding secrets to this day.

In a nutshell

“Welcome to the afterlife, Ancient Chinese style,” proclaimed the narrator of this epic documentary, and we were frankly excited. After all, it was like a cheesy movie – complete with flailing swords and evil soldiers whipping slaves – except grounded completely in facts. And facts make it good for you. Also, how many of us really know all that much about China’s long, juicy history of building pyramid-like structures and mummifying their nobles? Exactly. So this really was quite the eye-opener.

There were shocking images aplenty – mainly the close-ups of the actual mummies, who looked like they had been preserved mid-scream. Horror movie stuff, and a great deal more disturbing than the Egyptian relics you see in the British Museum. Yes, there were also the requisite dramatized sequences which would probably have had more “serious” history nerds tutting into their cocoa, but it all made for an effective and entertaining slice of history, and a reminder of a long-gone era of warring kingdoms and rival tyrants. 

What's the verdict?

A bloody, rollicking yarn, decked out with enough facts to make you a pub quiz master (if you happen to frequent pubs with a penchant for Ancient Chinese history), this made for a thrilling and enlightening watch. Just the thing for a dull Monday in.

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