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Review: Cuckoo

Review: CuckooAired Monday 22nd February at 10.45pm on BBC One (CH 101) | Rating: ★★★★☆



Chisel-chested Twilight idol Taylor Lautner in a humble BBC sitcom? It should be weird, and it is – in a very good way. So it was good to have him back alongside Greg Davies, who once again loomed over proceedings as long-suffering suburban dad Ken.

In a nutshell

There's not many sitcoms that begin with a CGI panorama of the Himalayas. Or the death of the title character. But that's how series two of Cuckoo kicked off, with Cuckoo himself plunging down an abyss while trying to rescue mountain goats (not realising that mountain goats are supposed to live on mountains). After a bit of mourning, his beloved Rachel looked set to marry an office bore, until she literally collided with a brand new hippy hunk: Dale, played by Taylor Lautner in a caveman beard.

And now we’re into series three, which is every bit as unlikely (and hilarious). What really makes it work is Dale’s naïve and wide-eyed take on the whole world. We had dialogue like, “There’s a neat little Italian just popped up on the high street.” “Oh cool, what does he want?”, and the way he persisted in calling Rachel, his ex-girlfriend, “mom” made us snort uncontrollably. Add to that a scowling Greg Davies preparing to greet his unplanned third child, and this was a delicious comedy on every front.

What's the verdict?

Perhaps the only sitcom ever made in which all the family members swear openly in front of each other, which surely makes it a kind of landmark show in some way, Cuckoo is gleefully vulgar and silly. And this series will even win Taylor Lautner cynics over to Team Jacob. (Ask a Twilight fan what that means.)

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