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Review: Heroes Reborn

Review: Heroes RebornAired Tuesday 16th February at 9pm on 5Star (151) | Rating: ★★★☆☆



The once-loved superhero soap returned last night, with new characters mingling with old ones, and a new sense of purpose. But will it have won over the fans who left the original series in droves?

In a nutshell

So why exactly has Heroes been Reborn? The show was a landmark telly event, to be sure, first airing at a time when superhero shows with a kitsch comic book aesthetic were pretty thin on the ground. Then it out-stayed its welcome and everyone hated it. Cut to 2016, and there are more superhero shows (and movies) than you can shake a stick of kryptonite at. So is there still space in our minds, and a place in our hearts, for a belated sequel to a show we all stopped caring about years ago?

Well, on the strength of the opening episode, maybe. The story itself was essentially a rip-off of the X-Men, with the “evos” (super-humans) being shunned and despised by normal society, an obvious metaphor for all kinds of discrimination. But it had enough dramatic flair to keep us hooked, from the opening terrorist attack to the sight of a traumatised couple seeking to avenge the death of their child by wiping out any evo they could get their hands on. There were also some interesting new characters brought into the mix, including – most bizarrely – a woman who entered a videogame. Keep up this level of bonkers originality and we might just remember why we liked Heroes again.

What's the verdict?

The original Heroes was a seminal, game-changing TV moment. This version… well, it’s just a bit of entertainment. There’s no real reason for it to exist, but it’s certainly got some of the vigour of the first series, and veteran fans can ask for no more than that…

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