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Review: Leopard Fight Club

Review: Leopard Fight ClubAired Sunday 14th February at 10pm on Animal Planet (CH 257) | Rating: ★★★★☆



We've already had a show called Animal Fight Club, but in this one it's all about the leopards. Which is fine by us, because leopards are great.

In a nutshell

There's an Internet concept known as "clickbait", which refers to articles which have been given shamelessly tantalising titles – designed specifically to make a bored surfer pause, sigh, roll their eyes and click on it. Titles like "8 reasons why tomorrow will be the worst day of your life" and "6 ways to make your cat talk" and "This is why you suck at online dating". Well, Leopard Fight Club is a TV programme equivalent to clickbait.

The title makes it sound like it'll be about a bunch of angry leopards laying into each other – a documentary less about awing us with the wonder of the natural world, and more about awing us with the wonder of cats going bonkers. In fact, it wasn’t really about that at all. The title was just there to sucker action lovers in, because this was really an epic character study, painstakingly filmed over four long years, chronicling one young leopard as he grows from a wannabe warrior to alpha cat. So there was real substance here, apart from the fight scenes, and it gave us a new, awe-struck understanding of just how amazing these cats are.

What's the verdict?

Majestic animals, sprawling landscapes and Shakespearean battles for supremacy. What more could you want from a nature documentary about leopards? A less tacky title maybe. That's about it.

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