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Review: Monster Mako

Review: Monster MakoAired Sunday 7th February at 9pm on Animal Planet (CH 266) | Rating ★★★☆☆



We thought great white sharks were the most impressive of the species, but turns out we were wrong. This documentary brought us face to snout with the marvellous mako sharks – the agile leopards of the sea.

In a nutshell

TV land has gained a reputation for showing ever more outlandish wildlife “documentaries”. We’ve used scare quotes because some of the more notorious examples have crossed the line into outright make-believe. Think of those “documentaries” about mermaids, which used apparent experts and apparent footage to convince huge swathes of the viewing public that mermaids actually exist. Sharks have particularly been the focus of ridiculous (if entertaining) shows with names like Monster Hammerhead, Shark of Darkness, and Megaladon: The Monster Shark Lives – the latter basically being a horror film dressed up as a documentary.

Now, these shows ARE watchable in a fun ‘n’ trashy way. But fortunately, there was a bit more substance to last night’s Monster Mako. Despite its B-movie name, it was at least about an actual, real shark, and it brimmed with facts about this little-known beast. Like how it’s actually the fastest of all sharks, for example, being able to swim at a staggering 60 mph. We even saw the world from their point of view, when scientists attached cameras to the critters, and the sight of the sharks breaching the surface of the water was frankly magnificent.

What's the verdict

It’s nice to see a big shark documentary that isn’t some kind of Blair Witch-meets-Jaws type endeavour. And it gave us a newfound respect for these swift if small sea creatures – size really doesn’t matter when it comes to the awesomeness of sharks.

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