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Review: Surviving Alcatraz: Escaping the Rock

Review: Surviving Alcatraz: Escaping the RockAired Wednesday 10th February at 8pm on Yesterday (CH 245) | Rating ★★★☆☆



Was the infamous “escape from Alcatraz” really an escape? Some plucky Dutch scientists tried to find out in this real-life counterpart to the classic Clint Eastwood film.

In a nutshell

It may have been closed a long, long time ago, but Alcatraz is still the most famous prison in the world. All these years as a humble tourist attraction – neutered and tamed – hasn’t dulled its notoriety as the fortress that once held Al Capone. There are many myths and legends attached to the place, but the most enduring is the story of the three men who miraculously broke out and sailed their way to freedom – never to be seen again.

It was immortalised in a Clint Eastwood movie, but controversy still rages over whether Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers really made it to the mainland alive. This documentary did a good job of summing up the twists and turns of the tale, including how the cunning convicts created fake heads to place in their cells and make it look like they were sleeping. The filmmakers even attempted to build a raft in the style of the one the prisoners made. That, plus plenty of 3D modelling, brought the whole saga to life, but – no surprises here – they were unable to come up with an absolute, definitive conclusion.

What's the verdict

You know what, we’re sort of glad this yarn will never be resolved. Some things in life are best left as mysteries, and the fate of the three men who busted out of the Rock is one of them. 

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