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Review: The Lakeshore Killers

Review: The Lakeshore KillersAired Thursday 4th February at 9pm on Nat Geo Wild (CH 264) | Rating: ★★★



Sinking its claws into the wild heartlands of Zimbabwe, this documentary accompanied three very special lions as they embarked on a brutal rite of passage. Think of it as the cattiest coming-of-age drama you’ve ever seen.

In a nutshell

The Lakeshore Killers. It doesn’t exactly sound like a wildlife documentary, does it? More like a true crime docudrama on CI or CBS Reality, perhaps involving a pair of grisly serial killers working the forested areas of New England. But no, this was indeed a natural history odyssey, and the Lakeshore Killers in question were actually a trio of rather adorable lions, rather than podgy maniacs with thick glasses and bad haircuts. The setting was Lake Kariba, a beautiful body of water in Zimbabwe, and the stalking ground of our hero cats as well as many other predators.

This was very much about survival of the fittest, with the three young lions having to prove their worth in the rough, unforgiving ecosystem of the lake area. It was about mental as well as physical prowess – they had to master the territory, plot their attacks on prey, and also deal with some serious competition. After all, this was croc country, and the local hippos were rather formidable as well. With swooping overhead views of the animal confrontations, this was a thrilling look at what everyday life is like for Africa’s most majestic beasts.

What's the verdict

The kind of show which only confirms just how merciless Mother Nature can be, this was brutal and beautiful in equal measure. Certainly puts The Lion King into new perspective. 

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