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Review: They Took Our Child: We Got Her Back

Review: They Took Our Child: We Got Her BackAired Tuesday 9th February at 9pm on CI (CH 275) | Rating ★★★☆☆



Can true tales of child abduction actually make for “entertainment”? Well, that depends on how you define the word, but there’s no denying this show is utterly gripping from start to finish.

In a nutshell

Here’s a fact that shouldn’t be a fact: around 1200 children in the US are reported missing every DAY. Crazy. Most of them are nabbed by people they know – overly possessive family members, that sort of thing – but the really nightmarish cases involve strangers. That’s what this series is all about, but fortunately the cases here all had happy endings when – against all odds – the kids made it out of the bad guys’ clutches alive.

Last night we heard the story of Jeannette Tamayo, who was nine when she was snatched by a man who’d followed her into her house. Not only that, but the intruder also attacked her family when they arrived home as well. Jeannette was taken to a location and abused over days, yet – amazingly – she managed to secure her attacker’s trust, to the point where she managed to flee. Jeannette herself, now an adult, recounted the harrowing story, and the only high point came at the end, with the news that the man was caught and caged for life.

What's the verdict

Despite its sensationalist title, this is a suitably sober and serious piece of true crime television, with the emphasis squarely on oral testimonies by the victim and insiders, rather than naff reconstructions. A powerful if disturbing watch.

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